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ilium carcinogeist
Artist: Ilium
Title: Carcinogeist
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 28th February 2020
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

Just a few days ago I made the acquaintance with Andy Dowling (LORD, ex-SEDITION, guest on DUNGEON’s ‘The Final Chapter’). On days (or nights) like this I thank god there is social media. Andy is a mate of Lord Tim and I have the pleasure to review lots of LT’s stuff right now (yesterday’s FROM BEYOND output for instance). Tonight we will consecrate ourselves to ILIUM. The first thing I found out about these guys is that they mainly consist of ex-ORACLE members (the Australian Power Metal band, there are many bands named ORACLE). The band was named ILIAD at first when formed in 1998 but was rechristened ILIUM in 2002.

‘Carcinogeist’ is the band’s 8th full-length output. The band had its fair share of members, ex-vocalist Mike DiMeo is well remembered by me as I saw him with RIOT in the late 90s and THE LIZARDS in the early 2000s (style-wise totally different to LT but fucking awesome none the less). It is a bit superficial to just say ILIUM is Power Metal as it is quite complex instrumental-wise so I would rather say Progressive Metal as I get reminded of SYMPHONY X at times. Lord Tim goes full on Power Metal on this output: clean, precise vocals, high notes and power. Tim Yatras on drums is a revelation, he plays fast as a bullet, precise and impellent. Hodges and Smith are a fierce string section, riffs and hooks on end and a bass that not only buffs the riffs but is audibly involved with the melodies. For every fan of complex song structures, audibly talented artists and progressive power metal as a genre, I highly recommend you check this out if you dig bands like: LORD, DUNGEON, POWER QUEST or SAVAGE CIRCUS.


01. Imbecylum
02. Carcinogeist
03. Anachronistica
04. Haunted by the Ghost of Me
05. Messiah of the Broken
06. Harlequin Tree
07. The Serpent Maligned
08. Uncle Rupert’s Puppet Show
09. Question Air
10.Vigilante Vagrant


Jason Hodges – Guitars
Adam Smith – Guitars, Bass, Keys
Lord Tim – Vocals
Tim Yatras – Drums


Cover Picture

ilium carcinogeist


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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