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highspirits hardtostop
Artist: High Spirits
Title: Hard To Stop
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 31st July 2020
Label: High Roller Records

Album Review

It is always nice to review artists that have already won you over as a fan (except for the chance a new output is really a let-down, spoiler: this is not a let-down). The first LP of multi-instrumental genius Chris Black (aka PROFESSOR BLACK, AKTOR, PHARAO, SUPERCHRIST) ‘Another Night’ was critically acclaimed in 2011, the 2014 follow-up ‘You Are Here’ was one of my first reviews (I enjoyed it quite a lot) and now, as I try to expand into every platform I can find there is the chance to review a new HIGH SPIRITS record. In 2015 I saw the guys live and what I remember to this day was how he introduced his band: “My name is Chris and these are my friends”. Of course, the gig was smoking and the crowd went nuts for the whole play time (I got me a nice blood-red shirt... I had to). What I think is funny is that he originally started HIGH SPIRITS because he was bored by the local scene of his home-town.

I was fascinated by the first output of Chris Black and I am still struck by his mastery, he is able to put a record together all by himself (many very skilled artists struggle even if they play multiple instruments). The key to this is simple: even if Black writes, composes and plays every instrument on his HIGH SPIRITS records he never lacks compassion and heart (this often gets lost when working alone it seems). Not here, the melodies are well-thought-out, old-school, high melodic and full of the raw power every fan of HIGH SPIRITS loves so dearly. This is the bands fourth full-length record to date and it is a hit, again! This is for fans of NIGHT DEMON, VANDERBUYST, HAUNT and CAULDRON. Hurry up and Pre-Order this right now at


01. Since You’ve Been Gone
02. Restless
03. Face To Face
04. Hearts Will Burn
05. Voice In The Wind
06. All Night Long
07. Midnight Sun
08. Now I Know
09. We Are Everywhere


Chris Black – Instruments, Vocals
Dan Swanö – Mixing

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Cover Picture

highspirits hardtostop


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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