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grossreality escapinggravity
Artist: Gross Reality
Title: Escaping Gravity
Genre: Melodic Thrash Metal / Prog Metal
Release Date: 11th August 2017
Label: Divebomb Records

Album Review

Hello there, thrashers! Even if I did not name the first GROSS REALITY review Part One, I will name this one Part Two (because it is duh). Yes, these guys were directly appealing in such a major way that I said: common gimme your discography. So, this is part two and today we will deal with ‘Escaping Gravity’ the second LP from GROSS REALITY. Daniel was a gentleman and provided me with everything I need (cover, bio, music). Three years after the band’s last endeavour, GROSS REALITY returned with their second outing named ‘Escaping Gravity’. This record was, too, produced by Jamie King at The Basement Recordings, the rad cover art was provided by Par Olofsson and it mirrors the lyrical topics of the record: war, alien abductions and much more.

The band’s sound did change a bit making it somewhat a bit more difficult to describe but I’ll give it a shot any ways. The overall sound is a mix of Progressive and Melodic Thrash which reminds me a lot of a bunch of other bands mixed to become more than the sum of their parts, imagine SYMPHONY X, METALLICA, EVILE and ANNIHILATOR merged into one band (Hetfield and Matt drake vocal-wise, Jeff Waters and Michael Romeo on guitar and Rullo / Ullrich on drums). GROSS REALITY’s music speaks to me on many levels as it perfectly balances aggression, melody and musical wizardry. The rhythmic transitions and interlaced structures alone require a lot of time to stomach but if you don’t immerse to deeply in the theories and mechanics behind it it’s still very enjoyable (OK maybe a bit confusing sometimes for fans of caveman thrash).

All in all, this is an improvement from their first LP when it comes to refining and defining their very own sound while still bettering every trademark, they used on the first outing. This is more of everything I liked on the first LP: More laser-beam focussed raw aggression on the vocals, more complexity within the compositions, more prog and technique (congratulations to everyone involved, this is top-notch thrash). Please check this band out immediately because I said so!


01. Dimensional
02. Event Horizon
03. Zero Day
04. The Incomplete
05. Invitation
06. Soul Worn Thin
07. Into The Vault
08. Escaping Gravity


Daniel Powell – Bass / Vocals
Roland Arthur – Guitar
Jason Wheeler – Drums

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Cover Picture

grossreality escapinggravity


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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