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ivorytower stronger
Artist: Ivory Tower
Title: Stronger
Genre: Power Metal / Progressive Metal
Release Date: 23rd August 2019
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

And once again I got lucky, I saw a piece about IVORY TOWER in a edition of the Deaf Forever magazine and got quite curious. So, when I saw the band and their members on Facebook I asked if I may review their recent output (spoiler alert: yes, was the answer). IVORY TOWER were formed in 1996 and ‘Stronger’ is their fifth LP. The five piece is based in Kiel / Hamburg, Germany and they have toured with big names like GAMMA RAY, MOTÖRHEAD, FATES WARNING, PYRAMAZE, CANDLEMASS and many more. Musically IVORY TOWER is full of variation and different styles perfectly woven into each other, sometimes they remind of DREAM THEATER but the compositions are a way better fit for vocalist Dirk Meyer (DT often write songs that seemingly intend to break James la Brie).

It is really crazy that I never had IVORY TOWER on my radar (ten years ago I almost only listened to Prog and Power). In bits and pieces, they even remind me of IRON MAIDEN (76 minutes playtime and not one song under 5 minutes aside from the instrumental ‘Flight of the Dragon’). What I really dig musically on this record is that there is only one guitar involved and the mix is so good and clear that I can clearly hear the bass. Speaking of DREAM THEATER I don’t know if the guys in IVORY TOWER studied music but the talent involved here is fucking solid, every musician involved delivers the goods. Riffs, hooks and top-notch catchy melodies for weeks are what’s inside this Prog / Power package and not to forget I really dig the powerful and diversified vocals of Dirk Meyer... a lot! If you dig the Prog and the Power and like it technical (like being beaten unconscious with a calculator) check them out, the guys deserve more recognition!


01. The Offer
02. Loser
03. End Transmission
04. Money
05. In Me
06. Slave
07. Strong
08. Flight of the Dragon
09. Life will Fade
10. Passing
11. The Wolves you’ve left In
12. One Day


Thorsten Thrunke – Drums
Sven Böge – Guitars
Björn Bombach – Bass
Dirk Meyer – Vocals
Frank Fasold – Keyboards

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Cover Picture

ivorytower stronger


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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