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judicator lettherebenothing
Artist: Judicator
Title: Let There Be Nothing
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 24th July 2020
Label: Prosthetic Records

Album Review

When a band is kick-started by a BLIND GUARDIAN gig only to partly surpass the band that created them in the first place... that is a story to tell! JUDICATOR is a US band that was brought to life in 2012 after a gig by Hansi Kürsch’s legendary four piece band. JUDICATOR play Epic Power Metal with great melodies and astounding vocals but let them talk about their newest output themselves:

“As with past releases ‘Let There Be Nothing’ is a concept album, steeped in historical references and tales of the past. However, the blood pumping through the veins of the music is - as ever - rich with human emotion and rooted in universal experience, regardless of what era your fortune has dictated you dwell within. The album follows Belisarius, a humble and renowned Byzantine general, on his campaigns to reconquer former Roman territories. While Belisarius is a master on the battlefield, his greatest struggle will be within. Political forces continually undermine his authority, and his wife’s infidelity will put both his faith and morals to the test. ‘Let There Be Nothing’ is a morality play framed within a sweeping, historical epic. Join Belisarius on his quest to reunite Rome and tame the human heart!”

I am 15 minutes into this historic narrative and I must say musically this is a big surprise as I am new to JUDICATOR’s music and it shows all the trademarks I need in my life: great, catchy melodies that carry a great narrative told by a vocalist that reminds me of MEGA COLOSSUS’ Sean Buchanan but with a power on the higher tones that surpasses even him and quite a lot of contemporaries (I am in love with this man’s voice). Ok, sometimes he produces a tone that resembles Kürsch’s pipes but all in all his range is bigger (maybe not in the lows but definitely in the higher parts). The overall artistic skill involved here is almost hyperbolic: great riffs and hooks on end (from mid-tempo to fast riffing there is no shortage of awesomeness). The bass is audible and sounds well and thick, the drums are rhythmic navigator and pace-maker making this a perfectly timed and well executed crew. If you like BLIND GUARDIAN, BLIND GUARDIAN or IRON SAVIOUR you should check out JUDICATOR!


01. Let There Be light
02. Tomorrow’s Sun
03. Strange to the World
04. Autumn of Souls
05. Gloria
06. Amber Dusk
07. The Way Of The Pilgrim
08. Let There Be Nothing


Tony Cordisco – Guitars
John Yelland – Vocals
Jordan Elcess – Drums
Michael Sanchez – Bass, Guitars

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Cover Picture

judicator lettherebenothing


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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