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heathen empireoftheblind
Artist: Heathen
Title: Empire of the Blind
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 18th September 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

Bay Area Thrash gods HEATHEN are back with their fourth full-length output ‘Empire of the Blind’. The Metal community had to wait ten years but spoiler alert: it was worth the wait, the new stuff really rips. The main reason we all had to wait is that both Lee Altus and Kragen Lum were touring with EXODUS full-time (and the fact that Kragen wrote the whole album on his own). To say that ‘Empire of the Blind’ is a socially critical record lyrics-wise is an understatement. Many of the songs refer to topics like our blind belief in everything our social media bubble tells us and that we live in a post-factual world where opinions are more important that actual facts, a society that doesn’t believe in science any more. As if HEATHEN already knew way before Covid-19 what a world this will become.

The sound on this is as clear as can be which reminds me of METALLICA’s black album (composition-wise too, melodic stuff, a ballad and up-tempo bangers galore). By the way: the excellent cover artwork is by Travis Smith (OVERKILL, EXHORDER). I can only hope this fucked up Corona situation will pass in the beginning of 2021, so HEATHEN can start their Europe / South America / Japan / US tour and I can get some merch right before one of those German gigs. My favourites so far: ‘Shrine of Apathy’ is a sad and enormously awesome piece of Metal music (a ballad? Yup!), ‘A Fine Red Mist’ a fast, fierce banger that is out to kill and ‘Empire of the Blind’ a somewhat epic, big and heavy Thrash monster, worthy to name this album. If you love Thrash Metal and dig melodic and technical stuff, this will float your boat.


01. This Rotting Sphere
02. The Blight
03. Empire Of The Blind
04. Dead And Gone
05. Sun In My Hand
06. Blood To Be Let
07. In Black
08. Shrine Of Apathy
09. Devour
10. A Fine Red Mist
11. The Gods Divide
12. Monument To Ruin


Jim DeMaria – drums
Lee Altus – guitar
Jason Mirza – bass guitar
Kragen Lum – guitar
David White – vocals

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Cover Picture

heathen empireoftheblind


Music: 10
Sound: 7
Total: 8.5 / 10

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