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gotthard stevelee theeyesofatiger
Artist: Gotthard
Title: Steve Lee - The Eyes of a Tiger (A Gotthard tribute to our forgotten friend!)
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2nd October 2020
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Review

Ten years ago was a shitty year, we had no Pandemic or the likes but GOTTHARD front-beast Steve Lee died in a tragic motorcycle accident and for a moment the world stood still. Lee graced GOTTHARD fans with his voice for 18 glorious years and me and my brother were there from day one. I still remember singing along to all those awesome tunes like ‘All I care for’, ‘Hush’, ‘I’m on my Way’, ‘Lift U Up’ and ‘One Life One Soul’ while isolating in my room, heartbroken and alone. Yeah being a teenager did suck but Steve and his mates understood me, they wrote those songs while feeling like I felt. Steve left us after turning 48 years old, I turn 40 this year so I can wholeheartedly say he was still young when he joined Hendrix, Mercury and Ronnie James.

To be honest, this is the first review that fills me with unease and a palpable feeling of sadness. I know there are no words left to say that haven’t been said about Steve or the loss of someone that is gone before his days but I can listen to his voice and write his praise. GOTTHARD and Steve will always be the only band able to give me this on-the-road feeling, the feeling that country music surely gives to that style’s fans (but me and country won’t happen). If you ever feel lonely and don’t know anything of GOTTHARD look up the older stuff to get acquainted to Steve’s work, he was an original (not dissing you Nic, you are a phenomenal successor and I love your style).

How do you honour a legend? Someone, who has become immortal through his songs, his voice, and his nature - and ten years after the tragic accident, is still vivid in the hearts of friends, colleagues, and fans. What do you say about a singer among the world’s finest of his genre, who never lost touch with the real world? It’s only possible with music. For the 10th anniversary of Steve Lee’s passing, GOTTHARD bow to their ex-frontman with ‘The Eyes Of A Tiger’. With Maeder on backings, GOTTHARD honour their unforgotten friend with eleven songs, never before presented in this distilled form, as well as two unreleased tracks. Apart from ‘Tarot Woman’, there are two versions of the 1982 “Rocky” classic ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, one of Steve Lee’s absolute favourites, which were released as the album’s advance single in time for his birthday on August 5. If you are a fan, buy this right now! If not check these guys out and tell me about it.


01. One Life One Soul
02. Let It Be
03. In The Name
04. Lonely People
05. Heaven
06. Need To Believe
07. Lift U Up
08. Hush
09. First Time In A Long Time
10. Tarot Woman
11. And Then Goodbye
12. The Train
13. Eye Of The Tiger
14. Bonus Track: Eye Of The Tiger (Electric Version)


Nic Maeder – Vocals
Leo Leoni – Guitars
Freddy Scherer – Guitars
Marc Lynn – Bass
Flavio Mezzodi – Drums
In Memoriam: Steve Lee – Vocals

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gotthard stevelee theeyesofatiger


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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