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fateswarning longdaygoodnight
Artist: Fates Warning
Title: Long Day Good Night
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 6th November 2020
Label: Metal Blade Records

Album Review

This band needs no introduction: If you ever stumbled upon a piece of Progressive Metal, the chances are extremely good you either heard the name FATES WARNING or are one of the lifelong fans of these gentlemen. The third record, ‘Awaken the Guardian’, came out in 1986 and until today this is deemed one of the best  and most important records for the Progressive Metal genre and is constantly named as one of the best records of all time autonomous of genre. ‘Awaken the Guardian’ is also the last fantasy themed record the band did, their overall style changed a bit with John Arch leaving the band in 1987. Whereas Arch always sung in a way that made me think he will someday exhaust himself to death while singing (that pitch, that power) his successor Ray Alder was a whole different breed of singer (yet in the beginning he sang a bit like Arch, he now is a more controlled vocalist). Most of the time I tend to abandon a band if there’s a change in vocalists (as vocalists are always the main reason for me to love band) but FATES WARNING managed to stay true to their style, narrative and their very own way of doing things.

‘Long Day Good Night’ is the 13th record of FATES WARNING and even if song number 13 is called ‘The Last Song’ the Prog community hopes there is still a lot of music to follow. Musically you can feel the tenacity it took to finish the record in the mid of a global pandemic (Alder had to sleep in the vocal booth for two weeks in order to be able to finish his parts, as Spain was in Lock-down). The variety that is shown and heard on ‘Long day Good Night’ is pretty remarkable, ‘When Snow Falls’ almost lost me because there were poppy undertones that turned me off and distracted me quite massively but as soon as ‘Liar’ or ‘The Last Song’ hits these minutes of doubt are cast away and faith is restored (hell even QUEEN, IRON MAIDEN and the BEATLES have songs that don’t make my cut). What I love most about FATES WARNING at this stage of their career is that they manage to be real progressive and complex without constantly overloading the listeners accommodation capacity. Vera and Jarzombek just slowly but firmly steer into a new direction and Matheos’ play is connected to the rhythmical organisation in a away it seems like unison.

Just about everything about the sound and musical execution feels effortless, organic yet powerful in an almost inexplicable way. So what can I say more than: If you love Progressive Metal with great vocals, great melodies, riffs and melodies shimmed with a bass that is adding even more to the already great riffs and hooks, and drums that are more than just a pace-making tool... then you really should pre-order ‘Long Day Good Night’ right now or just buy it next Friday.


01. The Destination Onward
02. Shuttered World
03. Alone We Walk
04. Now Comes The Rain
05. The Way Home
06. Under The Sun
07. Scars
08. Begin Again
09. When Snow Falls
10. Liar
11. Glass Houses
12. The Longest Shadow of the Day
13. The Last Song


Jim Matheos - Guitar
Ray Alder - Vocals
Joey Vera - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

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Cover Picture

fateswarning longdaygoodnight


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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