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hrom legendsofpowerheartpartII
Artist: Hrom
Title: Legends of Powerheart: Part II
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 25th September 2020
Label: Hoove Child Records

Album Review

And once again I kneel before the Canadian Throne of Steel, as not many know thousands of years ago Crom gave the headstrong warrior people of Cimmeria the secret of steel. HROM are the living proof that Canadian Headbangers are descendants of Cimmeria because ‘Legends of Powerheart: Part II’ makes it clear that they know and use the secret of steel. Formed in 2008, HROM means thunder and thunder they bring! Jan Loncik on vocals is the melodic mainspring of the Canadian Crew, he is besteaded by six-string siblings Ries and Langill, and Rhythm squad Wendt on bass and Benedetti on drums. The overall sound is fiercely powerful, classic mid to up-tempo and highly melodic just as I like it. Songs like ‘Ethereal Travel’ make these guys instantly likeable, catchy, fast and furious without skipping a second of their melodic approach. ‘Seers Trial’ even reminds of old QUEENSRYCHE and Tate’s vocal heroics. If you still live and breathe the golden age of heavy metal and would love to travel back in time to see your 80s heroes at their first gigs you should check this out. This is top notch, buy this!


01. Part II
02. Ethereal Travel
03. Seers Trial
04. Stargunner
05. Certain Doom
06. Spectral Horizon
07. Enchanter
08. Triforce Command
09. Final Strike
10. Death in the Night Sky
11. Serpent Rider


Jan Loncik – Vocals
Matt Ries – Guitars
Alex Langill – Guitars, Vocals
Jake Axl Wendt – Bass
Nolan Benedetti – Drums

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Cover Picture

hrom legendsofpowerheartpartII


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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