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Artist: Gary Moore
Title: How Blue Can You Get?
Genre: Blues / Rock
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Label: Provogue Records

Album Review

10 years ago the Blues Rock world mourned the untimely passing of Gary Moore and to honour him, the archives were opened and previously unheard and unpublished songs were selected for a posthumous album. Moore was a member of Thin Lizzy and Skid Row but also worked as a solo artist, his album ‘Still Got The Blues’ is a classic and after the release he kept his focus on Blues. You might think that eight songs are quite few for a full album, but keep in mind that these originals and covers often have a playtime exceeding six minutes.

The album opens with ‘I'm Tore Down’ a strong Blues Rock cover (originally released by Freddie King) that has the attitude of guitar heroes like Eric Clapton or Joe Bonamassa. An upbeat shuffle follows suit. ‘Steppin' Out’ was originally released by Memphis Slim shows Moore’s unique guitar skills and is worth listening to over and over again. The next song is more prone to touch the listener’s emotions. ‘In My Dreams’ has great hooks and very emotional solo parts. The albums title song ‘How Blue Can You Get’, a B.B. King cover shows that Moore was able to make legendary songs his own, by tearing the song apart and putting it together again the way the vocals and the guitar parts suit him perfectly and the song emphasizes all his talents.

‘Looking At Your Picture’ has a fantastic Texas-Blues attitude and is followed by ‘Love Can Make A Fool Of You’ that once more touches the listener’s emotions and has great guitar solo parts. A touch of Southern Blues comes with ‘Done Somebody Wrong’ and the last song ‘Living With The Blues’ is a great reminder of how intense Gary Moore could combine vocals and pure guitar emotion to his very own and unique style. All in all it’s nice reminder of Gary Moore and his portfolio, that covered many different styles of Blues and Blues Rock and I’m sure it won’t be the last posthumous release.


01. I’m Tore Down
02. Steppin’ Out
03. In My Dreams
04. How Blue Can You Get
05. Looking At Your Picture
06. Love Can Make A Fool Of You
07. Done Somebody Wrong
08. Living With The Blues


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garymoore howbluecanyouget


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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