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thehawkins aftermath
Artist: The Hawkins
Title: Aftermath
Genre: High Energy Rock
Release Date: 15th October 2021
Label: The Sign Records

Album Review

Back in September 2020 I did a review on THE HAWKINS’ ‘Silence Is A Bomb’ and ever since I became a dedicated listener and fan. The sound of these guys is easily explained as a love-child of QUEEN, HELLACOPTERS and a bit of the DARKNESS. Like with the last two releases you can do no wrong to give this a few spins, if anything some of these songs have even more ecstatic energy than those of ‘Silence Is A Bomb’ and that means a lot because that record blew me to shreds. The very beginning of the record with ‘Turncoat Killer’ is highly energetic and set the pace for this output (a real banging, catchy tune). The following songs seem to broach the issue of the five stages of grief in relation to a failing love attachment. Strange enough I do like the saddest parts of this the most, which are: ‘Cut Me Off Right’ (Depression) and ‘Aftermath’ which is an beautiful instrumental piece and deals with stage five (acceptance). If you search for a band that can both kick your ass in a proper way while every now and then pulling on the good old heartstrings: Search no more!


01. Turncoat Killer
02. Fifth Try
03. Svääng
04. Jim and Kate
05. Cut Me Off Right
06. Aftermath


Johannes Carlsson – Vocals
Mikael Thunborg – Guitars
Martin Larsson – Bass
Albin Grill – Drums

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Cover Picture

thehawkins aftermath


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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