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inisolation albums singles soundtracks
Artist: In Isolation
Title: Albums | Singles | Soundtracks
Genre: Alternative Rock / Alternative Pop
Release Date: 4th June 2022
Label: Aye Aye Records

Album Review

There’s something reassuringly patient about Nottingham’s IN ISOLATION - hardly prolific, instead their 15 years as a musical unit has produced some of the finest crafted dark pop singles, quality controlled albums, and wonderfully out-there extra-curriculum aural adventuring you are ever likely to hear. Despite each current band member having cut their teeth in previous dark rock/goth outfits, there is a cohesion and consistency that runs through their work and an astute and intelligently self-conscious approach to song-writing. There’s no ‘that’ll do’ scattered along the way. If you want quality, then you wait for it.

This anthology brings together the various threads of the IN ISOLATION story and wraps them all together in a whopping 28 tracks that doesn’t feel a second too long. And it’s on the singles where the band show their true mastery of dark-pop dynamics. The explosive ‘The Man Who Hides From Love’ - well chosen as the album opener - bounds about gleefully with a fizzy energy that’s almost unnatural, pushing at its own boundaries with happy abandon. ‘A Certain Fractal Light’ has a similar energy, a taut post-punk romp that shimmers and shines in all the right places. Debut single ‘The Wrong Girl’, a gritty, driven, power-pop belter also finds itself used on the ‘Zombie Hood’ soundtrack - and this is another direction the band have been happy to swerve into on occasion.

From inclusion on soundtracks and TV pilots (the jittery, urgent ‘Virus’ for example) to having the honour of an accolade from NASA for the astronomy based track ‘TRAPPIST-1:A Space Anthem’ (singer Ryan even asked to speak at an international astrophysics conference in Belgium about the song), there’s a real sense that IN ISOLATION take multi-media seriously, and are not content to just sit back and write great songs. Whether it’s producing a specially commissioned track ( ‘Loving The Ghost’) for gross-out movie ‘Seepers’, penning an ode to the late great DAVID BOWIE on ‘Elder Statesman’, assembling a multinational collective of animators to create a video for recent single ‘The Man Who Hides From Love’, or covering the beloved goth classic by BAUHAUS (‘She’s In Parties’) and making it all their own, IN ISOLATION show a genuine creativity and zest for the arts in general that few of their contemporaries can match.

Elsewhere, there’s the early new-wave finding-their-feet swagger of ‘Single Rotations Of Love’  and ‘Film Noir Scandal’ and the more recent - and easily most accomplished song - ‘Russian Doll’, showing a band constantly evolving while retaining their core sound. These kinds of anthologies often contain a flurry of filler and sweepings - badly recorded live tracks, fragments, and the unloved and unwanted detritus from albums and sessions long gone. Here, though, everything sparkles, and nothing feels out of place. It’s commendable that the obvious temptation to pack this with ‘bonus material’ has been reigned in, and this will stand as a testament to a hugely respected, innovative and highly creative band.


01. The Man Who Hides From Love (Single Version)
02. Truth Or Dare
03. Parlance
04. Not Noticing
05. The Wrong Girl (From ‘Zombie Hood’ Soundtrack)
06. TRAPPIST-1: A Space Anthem
07. She’s In Parties
08. Loving The Ghost (Single Version)
09. A Certain Fractal Light
10. Tears
11. Film Noir Scandal (From ‘Love In Dead Places’ Soundtrack)
12. Berlin (Single Version)
13. Elder Statesman
14. Infinite
15. The Letter
16. Until The Next Show
17. Ghostburn
18. Russian Doll
19. Mist
20. Estrangement
21. Strange Thoughts (I Live Just For You)
22. The Man Who Hides From Love
23. Berlin (From ‘Zombie Hood’ Soundtrack And ‘Shooters’ TV Pilot)
24. Single Rotations Of Love
25. Isolated (Acoustic Version)
26. Gods
27. Loving The Ghost (From ‘Seepers: A Love Story’ Soundtrack)
28. Virus (From ‘The Politics Of Life’ Soundtrack And ‘Eyeliner And Cigarettes’ TV Pilot)


Ryan Swift
John Berry
Tony Ghost
Mike Sinclair

Previous Members:
Oliver Tanner
Joanna Moy
Tony Hart


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inisolation albums singles soundtracks


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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