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jeremydays beautyinbroken
Artist: The Jeremy Days
Title: Beauty In Broken
Genre: Pop Rock
Release Date: 25th March 2022
Label: Circushead Records

Album Review

Having released their debut album about a thousand years ago, Hamburg band THE JEREMY DAYS have reformed and written a new one, presumably having spent the vast amount of time in between these events hibernating somewhere really fabulous. If only all bands would do this. Instead of spluttering into 2022 with a bewildered look and nothing but backward glances, ‘Beauty In Broken’ has a certain twinkle to it, and certainly doesn’t peddle needlessly through treacly nostalgia.

The title track is a particularly jaunty wander around ear-worm pop-rock, complete with uplifting chorus and jangly guitars, whereas ‘For The Lovers’ opts for piano and shuffling percussion to happily shoehorn itself into pleasant enough MOR territory. The vocals throughout are what could charitably be described as ‘lived-in’, but suit the songs well - a sort of world-weary sarcasm rasping all over ‘Stupid November’, a smatter of falsetto on ‘The Deep Dark Night’, or delivering the kind of poetry beloved of first-time-rhyme youth on the almost cringe-worthy ‘Tear Me Up’. But there’s a BOB DYLAN / TOM PETTY charm to songs such as ‘Breathe’ that steer this away from blandness, a lazy melancholy drenching the irresistible ‘Postcard’, and a naff smoothness to closer ‘Lights Out’ that’s so cheesy you will forgive the fact it’s probably not tongue-in-cheek.

It sounds very much like THE JEREMY DAYS got back together just to prove they can. There’s no desire here to rewrite musical history or win over a whole new set of fans, but so what? It’s an album with a perfect title - this is far from great, but it’s beautiful because of it.


01. Beauty In Broken
02. For The Lovers
03. Blue New Year
04. Stupid November
05. Breathe
06. Lassos Of Love
07. The Deep Dark Night
08. Behind The Night
09. Tear Me Up
10. Postcard
11. Lights Out


Dirk Darmstaedter
Jorn Heilbut
Louis C Oberlander
Stefan Rager

Website /

Cover Picture

jeremydays beautyinbroken


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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