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waitingforwords hedonismEP
Artist: Waiting For Words
Title: Hedonism EP
Genre: Synth Pop / New Wave
Release Date: 2nd November 2022
Label: Foundry Records / GoM Production

Album Review

Back in time three years ago, the story was beautiful for the French Synth champions: the ‘Egocracy’ album was critically acclaimed around the world, Fred Montana was back on drums and after visiting France and UK, the tour was about to land in Belgium and Germany after a decade without visiting those. All stars were aligned for the band to live one of their best chapters. And as for millions around the world, COVID put an end to it all. Despite the crisis, WAITING FOR WORDS remained active, offering three great streamed live concerts, released as digital live albums (Isolation Live Vol 1 and 2) but most of all, started working on their 10th album, due for released on January 13th and expanded the line up with a fifth member, Samantha Sirrugue on bass and guitar.

It's with a 9-track EP that the band eases the long awaiting and gives a hint on what to expect. The first single, accompanied by a new video by long-time collaborator Raphael Duvernay, whereas they could have come back with a dark and gloomy track inspired by those dark years, ‘Hedonism’ is a strong Pop and uplifting hit that sums up exactly what the world needs today: faith, hope, fun and sex! The rhythmic section allows to showcase influences not that obvious in the past such as DURAN DURAN or SIMPLE MINDS. A song that will become a classic for sure.

The EP contains a newly recorded version of their biggest hit, ‘Miles Away’ and there too, on top of re vitalized version obviously made for live, the funky slapped bass line drives the track with a new energy. Covering ‘Enjoy The Silence’ (DEPECHE MODE) is a real challenge and could have been a fail… but it’s an incredibly beautiful version the band delivers. Orchestral arrangements remind obviously of the classical section of DEPECHE’s Final Quad Mix… but it’s taken to a much higher level, mixing choirs, strings, oboe, piano (two guests musicians appears on piano and guitar) and an impeccable vocal performance of ZeN Smith and beautiful parts by Soe.

‘Makes Me Love Again’ (vocalised by Soe and Peter) and the instrumental track ‘One Love (Le Concours)’ may give a hint of a more industrial and powerful sound… but who knows with a band that consistently surprised and never do what could be expected of them. A French cover of INDOCHINE’s ‘Station 13’ is presented “Live in Studio” and gives a right feel of the current energy of the band. Three remixes complete this EP (with a total length of 52 minutes, can we talk about an “EP”?): a rawer and root cover of ‘Enjoy The Silence’, (the band refers to Julee Cruise for this version, nicknaming it “Bookhouse Boys version”, a reference to David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’) and two stunning Extended Versions, in the pure 80s style, of ‘Hedonism’ and ‘Miles Away’.

To conclude, this EP fulfils all its duties and even more: showcasing the new line up, turning the page - hopefully - on those difficult times we all been through with some hope and energy, and giving us enough to wait until January and the album (entitled ‘Dignity’).


01. Hedonism (Video Edit)
02. Miles Away (Re-Recorded Version)
03. Enjoy The Silence (Orchestral Version)
04. Makes Me Love Again
05. Station 13 (Live In Studio)
06. One Love (Le Concours - Full Length Version)
07. Hedonism (BodyAlive Extended Version)
08. Miles Away (Re-Recorded & Re-Extended Version)
09. Enjoy The Silence (Bookhouse Boys Version)


Samantha Sirrugue - Bass & Electric Guitar
Fred Montana - Drums
Peter Rainman - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Soe V - Keyboards, Vocals
ZeN Smith - Keyboards, Vocals

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waitingforwords hedonismEP


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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