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Title: Music for Men
Artist: Gossip
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 19th June 2009
Label: Columbia (Sony Music)

Album Review

GOSSIP, formerly known as THE GOSSIP, is an American three-piece formed in 1999 and released their eponymous EP in the same year. The band remained relatively unknown until they had their mainstream breakthrough with the album ‘Standing in the way of Control’ and particularly the title track of the album whose lyrics were written in response to the then-American registration's unimplemented national legalization of same-sex marriage. With ‘Music for Men’ the band is about to release their already fourth album.

A little count to 4 and the ‘Dimestore Diamond’ starts rolling on a powerful carpet of drums and minimalist guitar chords. Beth Ditto’s vocals sometimes to me are redolent of blues vocals. The track ‘8th Wonder’ strikes a faster pace and develops to an in the best sense traditional Rock’n’Roll build. You’re getting roused by the energy and power this track is radiating all the time and I can imagine that if it’s going to be played live all people start jumping heavily. In ‘Pop goes the World’ the rhythm stake on a more fiery, South American timbre and are mixed with a few vintage electronics here. Makes just much fun to listen to! For some time I was wondering about the meaning behind the title. Couldn’t be meant for the track’s rhythm as hat seems pretty horizontal to me! So I think it’s all in the lyrics, but my ears fail me right now attempting understand them completely.

‘Music for Men’ is an album both musically and lyrically leaves not much room for complaints. All members know how to treat their instruments the right way to create a respective mood and that includes Beth Ditto. So, it all comes down to one’s personal taste whether this album is to become your al-time favourite or the worst thing you’ve ever heard


01. Dimestore Diamond
02. Heavy Cross
03. 8th Wonder
04. Love Long Distance
05. Pop Goes the World
06. Vertical Rhythm
07. Men in Love
08. For Keeps
09. 2012
10. Love and let Love
11. Four Letter Word
12. Spare me from the World


Beth Ditto – Vocals
Nathan Howdeshell – Bass, Guitar
Hnanah Blilie - Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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