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Title: Fragments EP
Artist: Hate Inc.
Genre: Rock / Electronic / Alternative / Darkwave
Release Date: 31st October 2009
Label: unsigned

Album Review

HATE INC. was started by Vincent Vega back in the early 2002 as a one man project. By the year 2007, HATE INC. grew to a full five-piece band. ‘Fragments’ is the band's first official release which is entirely written and recorded by Vincent Vega, and produced and mixed by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.). It contains the following 4 tracks: ‘Fragments’, ‘Learn to Love’, ‘Harangue’ and ‘Art of Suffering’. All of these tracks are from the upcoming debut album of HATE INC., ‘Art of Suffering’, that is almost complete. The album was produced and mixed by Victor Love (DSI) too.

‘Fragments’ is a song with deep, melodic and driving melodies. Though it’s a much more mellow song when compared to the rest of the release, the depth and honesty of this song are the very things that stick out on it. ‘Learn to Love’ is a heavier piece of music that also shows a different view on personal issues. Powerful rock melody combined with really good electronic samples is the solid ground to a good song. ‘Harangue’ seems to be the HATE INC. anthem - really a smack into your face. Hard and heavy, “Headbanger’s Ball” as you can say. And last but not least the amazing blend of all these elements plus more in the song ‘Art of Suffering’. It’s really a taste of what we’re looking forward to on the upcoming album ‘Art of Suffering’. ‘Fragments’ is a piece of music that anyone should own and/or check out. You’ll never regret!

Track List

01. Fragments
02. Learn to love
03. Harangue
04. Art of Suffering

Line Up

Vincent Vega - Vocals - Guitars – Synths
Will Mars - Keys - Synths – Vocals
Dunkel Schwarz – Bass
Dave Bundy – Drums
Roxxxy Markos – Guitars, Backing vocals

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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