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Artist: Firewind
Title: Days Of Defiance
Genre: Speed / Power Metal
Release Date: 22nd October 2010
Label: Century Media

Album Review

FIREWIND started their career in 1998, and since then have basically been all over the place. They’ve relocated from the States to Greece, had numerous line-up changes (especially in vocals) and put out plenty of albums and live shows on the road. But, the band’s musical structure- a blend of power metal and speed metal - really has stayed constant throughout each and every album. Some may consider this a good thing, others bad. It really depends if one is a fan of this kind of music. For the most part, FIREWIND’S kind of power metal is a lot faster and heavier than the usual generic power metal that is out there today, while still retaining a sense of melody, especially though guitar solos and keyboards. Their latest vocalist sounds like a cross between NEVERMORE and ELVENKING, mostly keeping a smooth, mellow tone throughout the music even when reaching his high notes. Since their last album, ‘The Premonition’, FIREWIND have been pretty happy with their style and keep it in a similar vein with ‘Days Of Defiance’.

The one thing that really sticks to fans is the energy of the music. Much of the music is very guitar driven, from the opening ‘The Ark Of Lies’ all the way to ‘The Yearning’. There is not much room for progressive moments or soft ballads and romanticism (unless one counts the soft introduction of ‘Broken’); everything here is straight up heavy metal. The solos are very melodic and really make the album enjoyable, though there are moments when one can get confused between the line of keyboard and guitars because the pitches can reach the same tone. ‘The Departure’ instrumental features some very clean keyboard action throughout that makes it distinguishable from the other instruments, but usually it is buried when other instruments are present. The drums unfortunately feel like they lack the energy. While everything else is raging around them on a track like ‘SKG’, they seem slow and lost in the mix, as if unable to keep up the pace. Of course, the guitar solos usually slow down to let them catch up (or even surpass them), but overall, expect a bit of tension rather than cohesion between the instruments.

Lyrically, FIREWIND are mediocre. Many of the lyrical choruses are repeated over and over, knocking the stuffing out of the verses and draining any real substance that the band is trying to give in the way of words, such as on ‘Cold As Ice’. It’s the instrumental tracks (‘The Departure’ and ‘SKG’) that really show what FIREWIND is all about with their musical skill, which is usually, again, keyboard and guitar driven. The vocals and lyrics don’t ruin the entire experience, per say, but let’s just say that their lyrics could have had a bit more depth or story to them. Overall, FIREWIND fans who enjoyed their previous album will enjoy this just as much, and new fans will love the instrumentals or the more vocal saturated tracks if they like bands such as DREAM THEATER or CATHEDRAL. Those looking for power metal bands with more substance will probably want to try earlier albums by FIREWIND such as ‘Forged By Fire’.


01. The Ark Of Lies (4:43)
02. World On Fire (4:38)
03. Chariot (4:38)
04. Embrace The Sun (4:04)
05. The Departure (0:44)
06. Heading For The Dawn (4:00)
07. Broken (3:23)
08. Cold As Ice (4:33)
09. Kill In The Name Of Love (4:27)
10. SKG (5:19)
11. Losing Faith (4:11)
12. The Yearning (4:53)
13. When All Is Said And Done (5:05)


Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals
Gus G. – Guitars
Petros Christo – Bass
Michael Ehre – Drums
Bob Katsionis – Keyboards


Cover Picture


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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