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Artist: Jesus And The Gurus
Title: Wut + Zorn = Revolution
Genre: Military Rock / Industrial / Gothic-Metal
Release Date: 15th April 2011
Label: Black Rain Rec.

Album Review

I’d like to thank the Reflections of Darkness for throwing me into the pit of the Middle Fingers! JESUS AND THE GURUS are a quite controversial band. If one goes by their name or the cover art of the album and thinks that they are the Industrial version of GWAR he would be mistaken. The band is dead serious. Yet, one of the questions remains - why have they never managed to become a huge name in the scene?

In the ‘Wut + Zorn = Revolution’ album, they unleash an attack of epic scale, with industrial tunes resembling military marches against not only the polite facet of the society but also against its members; that is us. Their songs are political in the most profound sense. They expose relentlessly and unflinchingly - to the point of utter cynicism and black humour - the political and military condition of present. Their goal is as I think to make the audience frustrated, angry if you prefer; to stop being coach-potatoes and start getting involved more actively even in events that are happening abroad. It is exactly due to the cynicism of their lyrics that the band is not appreciated by the larger audiences.

They practice what Albert Camus once said “Don't let them tell us stories. Don't let them say of the man sentenced to death “ He is going to pay his debt to society, “but: ‘They are going to cut off his head.’ It looks like nothing. But it does make a little difference. And then there are people who prefer to look their fate in the eye.” It is a question of having a strong stomach. Some can endure that, some others cannot. But it is something else as well. I think that they would love it if they could have played this kind of music in the middle 30’s cabarets of Berlin instead of the fetish parties they used to back in the 90’s. It is also a question of image. On that they have adopted at times the most aggressive forms of the Punk mentality of the late 70’s.

If you don’t know the band, the closest I can think of is a combination of LAIBACH and FEINDFLUNG, yet their soundscapes are by far more “dirty” than those of FEINDFLUNG. The ‘Herrenrasse’ and the ‘Gottlos’ are industrial anthems but I’m just picking two of my favourite songs there only because I can’t recommend enough the whole album. Or maybe I can... It stands above and beyond the usual classifications...

Just go and buy the damn thing!


01. Sag Mir Wo du Stehst – 3.33
02. Golgahta – 5.05
03. In Sünde Geboren – 4.10
04. SOS – 4.37
05. Verdun – 3.02
06. Herrenrasse – 5.45
07. Eisen Und Blut – 5.24
08. Der Rausch – 4.30
09. Guantànamo – 1.01
10. Gottlos – 4.26
11. Mensch Marschiere – 6.39
12. Falluja – 2.21
13. Wir schenken Euch Die Welt – 4.17


Son ov David – Lead Vocals
Gabriell Medicine Man – Keyboards and sampling
Tom Alien – Guitars and Bass

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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