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introPalladium, Cologne, Germany
25th January 2015
Interpol & Health

When I checked the event site on Facebook in the afternoon and read how many people wanted to sell their tickets for the show in Cologne, I was worried that only a few people will show up in a venue that has a capacity for 4,000 people. Much to my relief the venue was quite filled and short before the main act started there were at least more than 3,000 people.


HEALTH, originated from Los Angeles, California, USA, was founded in 2006. Members are: Jake Duzsik (vocals, guitar), Jupiter Keyes (guitar, keyboard), John Famiglietti (bass) and Benjamin Farid Miller (drums). Their music can be classified as Noise, Post- Punk, Indie Rock. Up to now they have released two albums, two remix albums and a soundtrack album for the Max Payne 3 video game. The band toured alongside with LIARS, CRYSTAL CASTLES, NO AGE und FUCK BUTTONS. HEALTH was also supporting act for INTERPOL on their European tour this winter. /


Music & Performance
It was dark when the four guys entered the stage and actually it got not much brighter during the performance. Without any greeting they started to play and except some words close to the end of the show, the band did not address to the audience for the whole concert. Actually I found it a bit irritating and for real you didn’t have the feeling that the band was there to play for the people but just played for itself. Back to the musical experience: at the first songs I had some problems to get an approach to their sound. What I surely liked was the powerful beats, especially when two of the other band members supported the drummer with some beating on further floor toms. I was there a bit reminded of PHILLIP BOA AND THE VODOOCLUB and COMBICHRIST. But a bit later I realised that it was because the lyrics didn’t have the classical structure of verse and refrain. Despite the missing interaction with the audience I liked the music, but with such a performance I don’t need to go to a concert, as listening to the music at home will do perfectly.

Music: 8
Performance: 5
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10



Hailing from New York City, the band was founded in 1997. The debut album ‘Turn on the bright lights’ was promoted by the Indie magazine Pitchfork as the best album of the year 2002. With their album ‘El Pintor’, launched in 2014, the band has released five studio albums. Originally founded by four guys, nowadays only Paul Banks (vocals, guitar) and Daniel Kessler (guitar) are left from the former cast. INTERPOL nowadays is accomplished by Samuel Fogarino (drums). Live they are supported by Brandon Curtis (keyboard). Their music is an interesting mixture between Post Punk, New Wave and Indie Rock. Most of their albums reached the top ten in the international charts. /


Music & Performance
During the stage rebuilding the venue filled until it was almost completely filled. For my taste the rebuilding and waiting time took far too long. Nevertheless the fans stayed patiently. But when the guys finally entered the stage they were cheered loudly. Has the show before been played almost in the dark, it didn’t change during this show. Though they addressed to the audience by thanking them for the applause and announcing the next song, as well as introducing Daniel Kessler who played a little guitar solo, there was not so much interaction with the audience. Anyway the people enjoyed it. As I didn’t know the band I listened to some songs on YouTube before the concert and really liked the songs. But now seeing the band live I was quite disappointed. Not about the quality but I found the performance boring. Apparently it was a show for the real devotees.


Later I read a concert review on a blog where the author got het up that the guys dared to animate the audience to clap their hands as this would be a no-go for the band’s image. Guess I’m just too old for this ‘super cool’ attitude. When I go to a concert I want to be entertained. Imperfection live is ok – if I want to hear perfection I buy the CD. On this night I experienced a musically perfect show – too perfect, but for me lifeless.

01. Say hello to the angels
02. Anywhere
03. My blue supreme
04. Evil
05. Leif Eriksson
06. My desire
07. The new
08. Everything is wrong
09. NYC
10. Breaker 1
11. Rest my chemistry
12. Slow hands
13. Not even jail
14. PDA
15. All the rage back home
16. Lights
17. Stella was a diver and she was always down

Music: 9
Performance: 6
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 7.8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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