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intro D4S8210 kleinGleis22, Münster, Germany
25th October 2018
Hundreds & We Will Kaleid

A cold and wet autumn evening, the people of Münster speak of increased air humidity, could not hold many of them back to come to the Gleis22 to marvel at two bands that are not easy to classify and that create their music as much with the head as with the heart.

We Will Kaleid

“Moments, disintegrate into countless individual parts, and arrange themselves to a new picture.” With this kaleidoscopic world, WE WILL KALEID have created a space in which both Pop and experimental find their place. In the beginning there was the idea to experiment with the extraordinary composition of voice and drums. Over time, more and more instruments like keyboards and electronic devises were added. Meanwhile, the two have their own sound and their own approach. Each song has its own peculiarities, but is also part of the whole. It is important for the band to put their music into a certain context. The combination of sound, light and space was an important part of their first self-organized concert series, “A Shape Of Fading”, in which they organized five concerts in five special locations where concerts are not normally held. Each concert should become an individual and personal experience. /

wewillkaleid D4S8143 klein

Music & Performance
An extraordinary voice, an exceptional drummer and two extraordinary people. WE WILL KALEID have created their own sound with a lot of electronics. With their compositions and arrangements, singer Jasmina de Boer and drummer Lukas Streich manage to draw pictures directly in the minds of the audience. Modern drums and captivating melodies meet melancholic lyrics and a very own character. Losing and being lost is the topic of the two and so they captivate the audience, only to release them again at the end. The drums are subtle but also set accents; it is versatile and emphasizes the spherical and quiet sounds. Whether the music studies at the conservatory influenced the two, or they previously had brilliant ideas for the design, I could not find out, but I’m sure to hear much more from the duo. Strong performance from a sympathetic and well-rehearsed duo!

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.25 / 10

wewillkaleid D4S8144 klein


Behind HUNDREDS hides the sibling couple Eva and her six-year-older brother Philipp. He is responsible for the music, she for the lyrics. Philip is a qualified Jazz pianist and finds inspiration for his own compositions in his sister’s warm organ. At the beginning there is always a piano melody and Eva’s vocals; synthesizer and sound selection are only the preferred forms of expression. With the video for ‘I Love My Harbor’, a declaration of love of Eva to the Port of Hamburg, the duo attracts attention. The self-titled debut album follows in the spring of 2010 and although a song from 2003 is listed there, most of the compositions reflect the current emotional state of the Milners. /

hundreds D4S8153 klein

Music & Performance
The Electro-Pop sibling duo HUNDREDS from Hamburg returns to Gleis22. Fitting for the darker season, HUNDREDS arrange their songs anew and pack them into a warming robe. The concept is to interpret own songs electro-acoustically. On the drums, the autoharp and on the piano, Florian Wienczny supports Philipp Milner, who uses the piano, synthesizers and effects and lets his genius run wild - a sound robe of filters and basses and everything to move the voice of Eva Milner to outstanding action. She also has the desire to experiment and so she occasionally turns on the controls of the synth where her brother is playing or hovers barefoot across the stage as if she could feel the mossy soil beneath her.

hundreds D4S8198 klein

The album ‘Wilderness’ and the title of the same name deal with the invasion of man into the untouched nature and so there are moments full of rough and powerful insights into the people and the calm and clear views of nature as a contrast. The show is intimate. Not because there is not so much space for people in Gleis22, but the musicians approach the stage as if one were looking into the living room of the performers and listening to their conversations. It is as if they wanted to say that they have recited these topics before, but here is another perspective in the dark. The audience waits until the last sound fades away, giving each song time to work, before the big applause starts. Once again, HUNDREDS show that they cannot put into a musical genre and so each song comes in the new robe slowly from the wilderness towards to us. The drums bring more force in some places, but the melody and the ramified structures of the songs leave HUNDREDS always exceptional and just typical HUNDREDS.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10

hundreds D4S8190 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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