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fewjarFZW, Dortmund, Germany
20th December 2018
Fewjar - “Gamma Aftermath” Tour 2018 - Support: Miirtek & Marti Fischer

It was a rainy and cold day when FEWJAR played at the FZW in Dortmund. There was only one security guy to check the bags what led to longer waiting times, but an a-capella group straying into the queue made the musical debut in the evening. We were even greeted personally by the organizer. Great gesture!

Miirtek & Marti Fischer

MIIRTEK is David Starosciak, who does something with Marti Fischer that the two describe as “music but a bit funny”. There are melodies with the reference to well-known songs and the first lyrical inspiration the both had, set on them. /

miirtek D4S3387 klein

Music & Performance
MIIRTEK & MARTI FISCHER make a completely out of place impression with their “80s-porn-bar-glitter-rap”. But the music is so silly and the show is so over the top that it’s fun again. I listened to recordings of the boys later. Live it is more fun, but who does not take himself seriously has an extremely sovereign appearance on the stage. The audience has been doing everything from jumping to clapping and yoga on the floor.

Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 4
Light: 5
Total: 5.3 / 10

miirtek D4S3419 klein


FEWJAR is a project of the three musicians Felix Denzer, Jakob Joiko and Andre Moghimi. The Berlin band has been a trio since the announcement of their fourth long-player ‘Gamma’ and has managed to remain a serious music project since its founding in 2009. The extension of the line-up to the trio gives the songs even more depth and raises the live performance of the Berlin guys to a new level. The first part of the tour to the album already started on the day of the release, the 25th of May, and celebrated successes with 11 concerts all over Germany. The second part of the tour under the name “Gamma Aftermath Tour 2018” is much more than just an addendum. Now six members called “Fewjar & Family” setting a unique mix of fan favorites of the released albums as well as completely new, unpublished songs is presented. FEWJAR always keeps the balance between highly emotional moments and extremely danceable grooves.

fewjar D3S0966 klein

Music & Performance
FEWJAR came on stage with a thickly applied intro, and then – in my opinion – the probably upgrade any elevator ride. They occupied the stage with six musicians all in all; three people were added to the usual line-up. I am not sure if the additional three people added something to the music. I think that for the music being presented three musicians on stage would have been enough. The slightly too euphoric second voice announced old, really old, current and new songs. But since the old songs were probably put into a new, current garb, everything sounded the same to me. But still, the quite you audience in the hall was excited, celebrated the band and had fun. I have to admit that the band tried to create mood, but still to me they were far away from causing a goose-bump feeling.

fewjar D3S0970 klein

I had the impression that the music, which was called Polygenre, seeks out the most boring of all genres. FEWJAR sounds live like on CD and is at least as exciting. The review published by my colleague describes the state of ecstasy you felt in quite well. After all, I had more fun during the support act than during the show of the headliner...

Music: 3
Performance: 5
Sound: 6
Light: 5
Total: 4.8 / 10

fewjar D4S3443 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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