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DSC04116Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany
18th August 2019
Jungstötter & P. A. Hülsenbeck - Kampnagel Sommerfest

The Kampnagel Sommerfestival (summer festival) is an institution and invites citizens and visitors every year to join the diverse, critical, artistic, experimental and inspiring program. From 7th to 25th August Kampnagel offers a wide range of concerts, dance and theatre performances, art, cinema and a special children program. A special “double concert” was announced for the 18th August with P. A. HÜLSENBECK and JUNGSTÖTTER.

P. A. Hülsenbeck

P. A. Hülsenbeck opened the evening at the special Kampnagel venue. Philipp Hülsenbeck, who is also guitar player in JUNGSTÖTTER, once member of the Electro Pop band SIZARR, is now the one who is creating Ambient Pop with influences from Jazz, Avant-garde and much more, breaking the borders with his self-named project. /


Music & Performance
The atmosphere during the concert war beyond magical. Philipp’s calm, yet enchanting voice and the melodies that he and his band colleagues created on stage, just led the audience to other, dreamy worlds, so close to reality, but yet so far, too. The soundscape that was presented to the audience flew sometimes calm, then again overwhelming and engaging. The venue was pretty packed already when the first band started and listened attentively, while some were just closing their eyes and inhaling the music that filled the room. Philipp did not talk much. After a few songs he announced his band colleagues and seems a little bit nervous, but also very glad to share the stage with JUNGSTÖTTER for the first time, the band that he is also part of. A sophisticated task to play not just one, but two different live sets that he, I can tell you so much, did perfectly well. The nervousness was also amazingly charming and came through just a little. Most of the time the band was focused and like they all just dived deep into their own music and invited us to follow. A very special, lyrical and magical first part of the night.

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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Also Fabian Altstötter, the mastermind behind JUNGSTÖTTER, was previously member of SIZARR. The new band, however, JUNGSTÖTTER, is like the star of the day, just that the day is lasting longer and pretty sure will stay there for a long while. The debut ‘Love Is’ was released earlier this year and received throughout many positive reviews. Also JUNGSTÖTTER happened to play many gigs in the last few months, also festival slots like at Wave-Gotik-Treffen this year in May at Schauspielhaus Leipzig.


Music & Performance
The performance started with the single and most beautiful, nostalgic song, ‘Wound Wrapped In Song’. Fabian conquered the piano for that song and the magic happened right away. Fabian’s voice sounds like right from the Golden 20ies of last century. The music carries so much life knowledge, feelings, disappointments and endless hope. Also the instrumental variety is impressive - JUNGSTÖTTER create their own, individual sound that feels so familiar, somewhere deep - deep inside the sour - the spot where it really hurts to look closer at. The audience is really mixed on that evening, a little more indie, enjoying a beer or two on a Sunday night, dancing to the music or just closing the eyes and letting the music reach the soul. While the announcements come along almost a bit shy and deeply grateful, the music is reaching incredible highs.


It’s hard to believe how young the musicians on stage are while telling stories of life that seem to carry so many more years. Avant-garde meets Pop meets Electro and Indie - a deeply fascinating combination of sounds, lyrics and performance. Also it’s pretty packed for Sunday 11 in the evening, even for a city like Hamburg not the most usual thing to happen. JUNGSTÖTTER present songs from their debut album ‘Love Is’ and it feels really hard to believe that this is really just the start. Of course, they all are experienced musicians and played in other bands and projects before - but this one is beyond anything you would expect. A magical performance and night - slightly doing over into a new week. But before - the soul feels like one finally gave it the chance to speak up to the fullest.

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.8 / 10

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All Pictures by Nastja Iz

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