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GT 601Subkultur, Hanover, Germany
20th December 2019
Grausame Töchter - “Female Electro Bizarre” - Support: Twins In Fear, Miss Death, Beton Braut

We are in the year 2019 A.D. The whole music business is occupied by men... The whole business? No! A group of strong women does not stop resisting the patriarchy. Welcome to female electro bizarre!

Beton Braut

The event in Hanover was part of a short series of mini festivals happening in 2019/2020. Opener of the evening was BETON BRAUT (German for “Concrete Bride”) - a disturbing art project by Henrike Wolke. Her partner in crime on stage was Lars Golenia who is also responsible for mixing and mastering. Their music is influenced by world-weariness, horror, madness, weird movies and blood sports. The lyrics also deal with psychosis, vulnerability, love and hate. If this does not sound to whacky for you check out her YouTube channel!

  • BB_004_sw
  • BB_007_sw
  • BB_018_sw
  • BB_020_sw
  • BB_023_sw
  • BB_027_sw
  • BB_035_sw
  • BB_036_sw
  • BB_037_sw
  • BB_038_sw

Miss Death

Next on stage was MISS DEATH, the brand-new solo project of “Alba”, a.k.a. Kristina N., former singer of the girl group BISOU (produced by BUSHIDO). Her music is a rough mixture of Electro Pop garnished with hard guitar riffs. The lyrics are German and Russian. Her new songs will be published in early 2020 so the short performance was some kind of preview on the new project.

  • MissDeath_200_sw
  • MissDeath_201_sw
  • MissDeath_202_sw
  • MissDeath_203_sw
  • MissDeath_204_sw

Twins In Fear

Third act of the evening was TWINS IN FEAR a duo featuring two young (and somehow mysterious) ladies named Lena and Maria. Both of them have worked as background singers and dancers for different bands before and founded their own band in spring of 2019. They have published only one song so far (‘Abseits’) so the performance was a presentation of completely new, too. Unfortunately, the two were facing some technical issues during their show but still made curiosity towards their debut album which is announced for early 2020 as well.

  • TiF_300_sw
  • TiF_305_sw
  • TiF_306_sw
  • TiF_307_sw
  • TiF_309_sw
  • TiF_312_sw
  • TiF_313_sw
  • TiF_314_sw
  • TiF_317_sw
  • TiF_322_sw

Grausame Töchter

On to the headliner: GRAUSAME TÖCHTER. The band of singer and founding member Aranea Peel presented their latest album ‘Engel im Rausch’. Her stage crew consisted of dancer & background voices Kiara Kazumi and Thenia Af., drummer Joscha Radaj, cellist Bojana Tadic and performance artist Henrike (a.k.a. BETON BRAUT). The setlist mainly comprised new material including the Neue Deutsche Welle classics ‘Der Goldene Reiter’ by JOACHIM WITT and ‘Rosemarie’ by HUBERT KAH. The band played a full-on live show combining sadomasochism, theatrical performance elements, blood, sweat and needles. While other electro bands get boring on stage pretty soon GRAUSAME TÖCHTER shows are different and literally right in your face. The gig ended with a furious version of the classic ‘Ich darf das’ from the debut album ‘Alles für Dich’.

  • GT_600
  • GT_601
  • GT_602_sw
  • GT_605_sw
  • GT_606_sw
  • GT_611_sw
  • GT_613_sw
  • GT_623_sw
  • GT_624_sw
  • GT_625_sw
  • GT_626_sw
  • GT_627_sw
  • GT_631_sw
  • GT_632_sw
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  • GT_641_sw
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Next stops for the Female Electro Bizarre events: December 28th in Magdeburg, January 31st in Berlin and February 1st in Dresden. Tickets are available via Eventim.

All Pictures by Christian W.

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