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0524 Fusion Bomb Rockhal byClaudePiscitelliRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
13th February 2021
Because Music Matters: The Energy - Fusion Bomb

Almost 100 spectators attended one of five test concerts at the Rockhal on Saturday evening. It was thus one of the first indoor shows in almost a year. I visited the Rockhal on the day of “Energy” and was looking forward to the local Thrash-Metal band FUSION BOMB.

For more than ten months, no indoor concerts have been held at the Rockhal due to the Corona pandemic. Since cultural venues in Luxembourg have been allowed to reopen under certain conditions since 11 January, the venue launched a series of five concerts that took place between Wednesday 10 and Sunday 14 February. The Belgian instrumental duo GLASS MUSEUM started the “Because Music Matters” series, Luxembourg’s CLEVELAND offered an Electro House concert in the dark one day later. But fans of other styles also got their money’s worth. The Luxembourg artists CLAIRE PARSONS + KLEIN performed a Jazz-Soul set, while FUSION BOMB made the Rockhal shake with thunderous Thrash Metal. Finally, on 14 February, the Indie revelations C'EST KARMA and FRANCIS OF DELIRIUM shared the club stage.

fusionbomb elenaarens 20210213 163250

Music & Performance
But before the audience was allowed to enjoy this moment, for which they had been waiting for months, they had to fulfil several criteria. The first one was of course the test, both an antigen and a PCR test. For this reason, a centre was also set up at the Belval University train station. After seven days, the test has to be repeated again. If the result was negative after thirty minutes, the spectators could enter the Rockhal. In front of the Rockhal, they went to be checked by a detector similar to those at airports. Of course, masks were also obligatory in the building. After the test and the check, the visitors could finally be guided to their seats. Islands of chairs were set up around the 360° stage, where a maximum of three people from each household were allowed to sit. Despite all the circumstances, it was important to create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, both the bar and the smoking area were closed and the guests were asked to remain seated. The only exception was the way to the restroom. Shortly before the concert, an announcement was made that the Rockhal was happy to welcome its guests and attention was drawn to the security measures. After that, the concert started immediately.

1048 Fusion Bomb Rockhal byClaudePiscitelli

The four guys from FUSION BOMB stormed onto the stage and immediately kicked off with the title track of their latest album ‘Concrete Jungle’. It was overwhelming. After such a long time, finally being able to experience music live again, with an audience that wasn’t sitting in a car, with real applause and not with car horns or light flashes. You could also see the joy in the band’s face. They really put their hearts into it and played one thrash song after the other. After the first few songs, bassist Michel announced that the band had been able to use the time productively and had been working on a new album. A new song was immediately played. In general, the sound was brutal and the light show was also great. I could imagine attending several concerts in this format, but without the strict measures, i.e., when the pandemic is over. As hard as the guys from FUSION BOMB tried, there was no spark. This was definitely not the fault of the band, FUSION BOMB gave everything to keep the guests entertained, but it was more because of the circumstances.

0819 Fusion Bomb Rockhal byClaudePiscitelli

What is a concert without drinks? Without a nice chat with friends and acquaintances? Without sweaty people singing along to the songs arm in arm? Of course, the visitors knew in advance that none of this would happen. Nevertheless, it was missing and the audience showed it. After 75 minutes of finest Thrash Metal, the band thanked the crowd for the short but beautiful afternoon and for taking all the trouble to see them live. After the musicians had left the stage, an announcement was made. Blocks B and E were supposed to leave the hall quickly, followed by Blocks C and D. Outside, some journalists were waiting to find out what people thought of the concert in this setting and you could see some visitors smoking a cigarette or chatting a bit (wearing masks, of course).

fusionbomb elenaarens 20210213 174049

All in all, it was a pretty interesting afternoon. We really have to praise the work and organisation of the Rockhal. Even though this test phase at concerts received a lot of criticism, masks, distance, tests and the detectors were part of the whole thing, it was important to support the event in hope of some normality in the future.

01. Concrete Jungle
02. Zest Of Scorn
03. Knuckleburger
04. You’re A Cancer To This World
05. Bird of Prey
06. Glass Zigguart
07. Street Thrash
08. T.M.N.A.
09. Nyctophonia
10. Powersource
11. On the Fields of Katyn
12. Slam Tornado
13. Dredge of Gulf
14. Burlesque Shootout
15. I Never Denied (Excel-Cover)
16. Beertroopers of Death
17. Blazing Heat

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  • 0524_Fusion_Bomb_Rockhal_byClaudePiscitelli
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Pictures: Claude Piscitelli, Rockhal / Smartphone Pictures: Elena Arens
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