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InvincibleSpirit Oberhausen 2022 24 von 24Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen, Germany
26th August 2022
The Invincible Spirit, The Saint Paul & Beyond Border

On this summery evening, many fans met at the Resonanzwerk in Oberhausen to see three of the currently most interesting bands of the electro-darkwave scene in Germany. In a very informal atmosphere, the visitors also met one or two of the artists in person.

Beyond Border

The band BEYOND BORDER from Hildesheim / Germany opened the show. Singer Kai “Iggy” Vincenz Nemeth, dressed with a hat and sunglasses, and the two keyboardists Michael “Deity” Deiters and Kai Habel were announced by Jean-Pierre Reuter quick and dirty with a few words. After the three of them were on stage, the stage quickly filled with fog. BEYOND BORDER started with their song ‘What Makes The World Go Round’, a song that is typically BEYOND BORDER melancholic and danceable. Here the light and the fog perfectly matched the mood. BEYOND BORDER singer “Iggy” also showed his pleasant voice during the cover version of Visage ´The Damned Don’t Cry´. After the ninth song, the band wanted to end their concert, but were asked for an encore by loud shouts from the fans. BEYOND BORDER didn’t let this pass and played two additional songs with ‘Where Are You’ and ‘Stand’.

BeyondBorder Oberhausen 2022 26 von 26

01. What Makes The World Go Round
02. Your Love
03. Construction
04. Immortal Stars
05. Pry Open
06. Urban Hymn
07. The Damned Don’t Cry (Visage cover )
08. You
09. Aching
10. Where Are You
11. Stand

Music: 9
Performance: 8.5
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8.1 / 10

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  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_22_von_26
  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_23_von_26
  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_24_von_26
  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_25_von_26
  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_26_von_26
  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_2_von_26
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  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_7_von_26
  • BeyondBorder_Oberhausen_2022_8_von_26

The Saint Paul

With the second band of the evening, the sounds got a little step heavier. THE SAINT PAUL from Essen / Germany rely on somewhat stronger and harsher synth tones in their music, which results in a perfect symbiosis with the voice of Paul Kuhs. Paul used the stage completely for his performance. Only during quieter songs, he stood at the microphone stand for longer without dancing, but stretched his arms to the side or forward towards the audience. Marc Schleser took over the quiet part of the evening behind his keyboard. But he was responsible for the ingenious melodies, such as ‘E:Dot’ or ‘White Unicorn’. Hendrik Strehl was on drums this time, as the normal drummer was unfortunately prevented from playing.

SaintPaul Oberhausen 2022 24 von 28

A special highlight was the visit of a special guest on stage. For the song ‘Be A Rebel’ THE SAINT PAUL got support from Jean-Pierre Reuter, with whom the band also produced the song. With SAINT PAUL singer Paul, both jumped in rhythm and were further spurred on by “Rebel” shouts from the audience. After the two more songs ´Liar (Reality Distortion Field)´ and ´Rise and Fall´, the three guys from THE SAINT PAUL finished their performance to leave the stage for THE ININCIBLE SPIRIT. /

01. Intro
02. Triage
03. Come to me
04. Melancholy of the sun
05. E:Dot
06. Black Rain
07. Calling
08. Superficial
09. White Unicorn
10. Neon Lights
11. Blood Donation
12. Be A Rebel (with Jean-Pierre Reuter)
13. Liar (Reality Distortion Field)
14. Rise and Fall

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10

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  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_15_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_16_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_17_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_18_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_19_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_1_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_20_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_21_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_22_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_23_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_24_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_25_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_26_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_27_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_28_von_28
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  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_5_von_28
  • SaintPaul_Oberhausen_2022_6_von_28

The Invincible Spirit

The songs of THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT have been part of the playlists of darkwave scene DJs since the 80s until today. With his partner Anja Vorel, the head Thomas Lüdke headlines this small festival on this evening. The duo started their performance with the song ‘A Nation’ from their latest album ‘Anyway’ and encouraged the audience to dance. They followed up with a classic, ‘Contact’, and then took off again with ‘Atmosphere’, a cover version of JOY DIVISION. The INVINCIBLE SPIRIT found a good mix of early pieces and newer pieces. Songs like ‘Devil Dance’, ‘Provoke You’ and ‘Love Is A Kind Of Mystery’ were not to be missed on this evening. Even the dance floor filler ‘Push’ was played and for this Thomas got vocal support from SAINT PAUL singer Paul and Iggy, the singer of BEYOND BORDER. All three then sang the word “push” together at the appropriate parts of the song and were also loudly supported by the audience.

InvincibleSpirit Oberhausen 2022 21 von 24

After the 13th song Thomas and Anja wanted to end their show, but the fans’ shouts for an encore persuaded them to play three more songs. The last song was again a cover version, this time THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT covered the Ava Max song ‘Sweet But Psycho’. After that, it was finally the end. /

01. A Nation
02. Contact
03. Atmosphere (Joy Division Cover)
04. Devil Dance
05. Irregular Times (Projekt: The Mao Tse Tung Experience)
06. Coming Home
07. Provoke you
08. Under Control
09. Hate You
10. Push!
11. Anyway
12. Du hast es doch so gewollt
13. Showdown
14. Love is a kind of mystery
15. Locate a stranger
16. Sweet but Psycho (Ava Max Cover)

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10

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  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_21_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_22_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_23_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_24_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_2_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_3_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_4_von_24
  • InvincibleSpirit_Oberhausen_2022_5_von_24

All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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