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Dmitry Darling (front man) of Freakangel

Last time I had seen FREAKANGEL live on Dark Munich Festival 2013 in April and as other two times it was really great. Already that time, I had thought that it will be great to make interview with band. Release of single ‘The book of Violence’ and work on new album was a good reasons to do this finally.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Why exactly FREAKANGEL? Do you think you have something from angels?
Dmitry: FREAKANGEL is a game of words. Let’s call it grotesque. It's a combination of something beautiful and something horrible. People are taught by society to believe that those things can't co-exist. That's why we have chosen this phrase as a band name.

RoD: Can you tell something about new album ‘The Ones to Fall’. Will it be much different from previous releases? Which surprises you have prepared for us? Which special guests? Do you have already a release date? In which format do you plan to release this album (normal CD, limited edition, vinyl)?
Dmitry: ‘The Ones To Fall’ is a next step towards something different. Towards something we have not tried yet. We have decided to use every aspect of our musical taste... and I think it’s already clear that we love everything from Yelawolf to Anal Cunt. We do not believe in bands that release the same album from year to year. We are street artists that like to try different things. Maybe new style will be something that people will hate ...or love. Time will tell. I think that it's not a secret anymore that we will have some guest appearances on our record. Let me introduce you Javi Ssagittar from TERROLOKAUST, Pete Crane from SHIV-R and Viktoria Seimar from SUICIDAL ROMANCE.
Album will be released as a normal CD and as 2CD limited edition.

RoD: Why have you chosen namely English for your lyrics? Have you ever thought about songs in the Estonian or Russian languages?
freakangel2013 01Dmitry: I can speak Russian, Estonian and English, but I prefer to write lyrics in English because this language is the one people can understand and I am really interested in spreading my thoughts and emotions in lyrics to people.

RoD: Why has fr0zen left the band? Will you search for a new live-keyboarder?
Dmitry: fr0zen left the band because of some differences in our co-work... but I really do not want to talk about it. Everything is fine. Art is playing guitar and extra keyboard parts at the moment. And we really like the way we get around. But I do not say that we will never look for a 4th member. It all depends on too many things... we will see.

RoD: How have you found a new drummer? Did he know FREAKANGEL’ music before?
Dmitry: I have met Roman D. when I started producing keyboard parts for his melodic death metal band CEREMONIAL PERFECTION. He is really good at what he is doing and it was clear that he has something to add to the sound of FREAKANGEL to make it complete.

RoD: How appeared the idea of side-project BEYOND THE STRUCTURE? Will you work on it in the future?
Dmitry: BEYOND THE STRUCTURE is not a side-project. It’s a death metal band that is run by Art and co. At the moment guys are recording their debut album in the studio. You can hear their first single on YouTube. Be sure to check them out if you like extreme music.

RoD: How did you get on Estonian TV?
Dmitry: Estonian TV is just a normal TV that likes music. They have a special program about Estonian musical videos... so it was pretty simple. We just wrote an email and that’s all.

RoD: Are there some bands which have influenced you?
Dmitry: Yeah, sure. Lots of bands have influenced me, but let’s just say that I was grown up listening to ALICE COOPER, MARILYN MANSON and MEAT LOAF among the others...

RoD: Is the criticism important for you?
Dmitry: Listening to someone's opinion is always an interesting thing. But it works well only when someone who is really capable of jugging can speak their mind. I mean... listening to some asshole who has just downloaded your music and wrote an angry comment about new album being shit because the old one was much better can go and fuck himself right after finishing writing this stupid comment.

RoD: What can you say about reviews of your CD on the music sites? Do you think the ratings are mostly objective?
Dmitry: As I have said before I am always very interested in reading other peoples’ thoughts about my music. But I really hate it when reviewers write their own subjective opinion instead of writing something objective. For example... if You like hip hop then why the fuck you are reviewing a metal album?

RoD: Cooperation with which artist was the most memorable for you?
Dmitry: Every artist I have been working with is a pro. I mean… they know how to do things well... sometimes even better than I can. That's why I really like to co-work with other musician. Sometimes it is just another way to remove a writing block and to get back working on music again.

RoD: How do you think, which perspectives do Estonian dark-scene have?
Dmitry: There is no such thing as a dark scene in Estonia. There are bands, but no scene. It’s pretty sad though... too much different music creates too many different listeners. I really hope that newcomers will be able to find their listeners outside Estonia.

RoD: Your plans for the nearest future. Do you plan some new videos or tour?
Dmitry: In the near future we would like to film a video clip on a title track from the upcoming album that will be released in autumn... and getting some gigs won't hurt too. It's a tough work.

RoD: And in the end a few words to your fans in the Ukraine.
Dmitry: Let’s hope that we will meet soon!

Written by Alisa Devistein and Daria Szegeda (Ukrainian Gothic Portal). The Russian version of the article is available here

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