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godinacone agrypniaInterview with

Nikos Marinos (keyboard player/ vocalist/ drum machine programmer/ controller) from God in a Cone

Dear music lovers, if you're reading this you can consider yourself lucky! Either you're already one of the first GOD IN A CONE fans following this new and truly unique solo project created by Mr. Nikos Marinos - in this case, you must already be a happy “Conehead” enjoying the debut album titled ‘Agrypnia’ which was released this month - or you just stumbled over this interview. In that case, you are lucky to learn about GOD IN A CONE right now! Mastermind Nick kindly took the time to answer a few questions introducing his latest opus and talking about his take on music.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Hats off and congratulations on your impressive debut album! How do you feel after its release this month?
Nikos Marinos [NM]: Greetings from Greece! Thank you for the kind words, my first feelings after the official release of my debut album are incredible. The response concerning the specific release is remarkable and thus the emotional aspect is amazing.

RoD: Please tell us how you came up with the interesting name GOD IN A CONE for your project. What does it mean?
NM: It’s a metaphorical concept that entails elements of philosophical reasoning and metaphysical theories. To be more specific, it deals with the inner duel among good and evil in each human soul. Furthermore, it projects the idea of how each one of us can handle his/her ethics under extreme conditions – the way you use your inner power the output varies.

RoD: The title ‘Agrypnia’ is a medical term for persistent loss of sleep/ insomnia/ sleeplessness. What is the inspiration behind this title and how does it reflect the album?
NM: It was a music concept that was mainly composed late at night and thus it was describing the psychological state that I was in for the specific period of time.

RoD: For how long have you been working on this album?
NM: I have been working for 30 days.

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RoD: That's incredible! Can you give us an idea how you create music? Is it basically the same process for all of the songs?
NM: The main idea is the same. I don't follow musical rules for composition. I am a free spirit of experimentation without a specific mission or vision to create something fruitful for the audience.

RoD: Which track on ‘Agrypnia’ was the easiest and which one the toughest to write and why?
NM: Each one entailed the same degree of difficulty. Maybe the `God in a Cone´ track was difficult at the lyrics section since I was having a lot of ideas and it was extremely difficult for me to pick up which lyrics fitted most.

RoD: What are your biggest musical inspirations or favourite artists of all time?
NM: I love music in general! All music styles are expressing something unique and as a result I am open to new musical challenges! I love all the music artists/bands, each one speaks to my soul in a different way!

RoD: Are there any current releases that you enjoy listening to?
NM: At this specific period of time I am listening to older material such as Tai Laeo´ by SCARY MOTHER and PAINKILLER's discography.

RoD: People really need to listen to ‘Agrypnia’! How can folks get hold of your record?
NM: The album is officially launched in 80 numbered CDs - Feel free to send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I would be happy to assist you.

RoD: What are your plans or hopes for GOD IN A CONE? We, of course, hope to hear more of your original music in future!
NM: Maybe a new album? Who knows? Hahah! Life is unpredictable thus the future will show, if the CONE will enhance something divine and meaningful to the listeners.

RoD: Wonderful! Many thanks for answering our questions, Nick!
NM: Thank you!

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