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necronomicon invictus
Artist: Necronomicon
Title: Invictus
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 27th January 2012
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

NECRONOMICON has started way back in the late ‘80’s and encountered a lot of setbacks and obstacles on the way to the present, but here they are with their seventh album ‘Invictus’. They play Thrash reaching out to influences of MEGADEATH, OVERKILL and SODOM (especially if you listen to their ‘Ausgebombt’ song the reference will stand out), but also some of AT THE GATES, DESTRUCTION and so on. There are streaks of Punk, and Metalcore (especially when it comes to the vocals) there to complement the whole sound.

The album starts with the sample intro, somewhat theatrical easing of the listener for the relentless slaughter that follows. Thrash, fast riffs and breakneck speed drums, only to be given a contrast by a breakdown towards its end. ‘Unleashed’ combines past and modern Metal sound together; the vocals are juxtaposed with a great feel too. ‘Bloody Bastards’ starts with another voice sample, this time more manic and brings in a Punk element, the ferocious onslaught is just a great invite into a moshpit (as well as revolution, I guess). ‘Unconquered’ has a very classic and mainstream Thrash tone, which maintains throughout the song, making it one of the great songs to be found within this release. ‘Upon The Black Wings’ has again a very theatrical beginning. ‘Face To The Wall’ is another moment that stands out, superbly heavy, cutting and hammering down and great when it comes to the vocals and hooks. ‘Pandora’s Box’ strays with gusto into the Metalcore territory. ‘Before The Curtain Falls’ is a slower song that comes just at the right time, good atmosphere and vocals.

The last part of the CD has five bonus additions, an unplugged ‘Possessed Again...’ - for me the best moment of this section and four live tracks (from Russia), which is always a good addition to give a taster of concerts. They’re not of a bad quality either though with no crowd noise it only comes to show that they can pull it off on the stage but as far as it concerns showing what kind of atmosphere / chemistry they have with their fans it doesn’t come through clearly to give out much of an idea. To sum it up, it’s an interesting, solid album worthy of your time to check it out, commendable especially when it comes to vocals and the good skills on show, and one that should please their fans plenty.


01. Invictus
02. Unleashed
03. Bloody bastards
04. Thoughts running free
05. Unconquered
06. Upon black wings
07. Face to the wall
08. Pandora’s box
09. Before the curtain falls
10. Possessed by evil (2011)
11. Possessed Again (Unplugged - bonus track)
12. Magic Forest (live - Digipak bonus track)
13. Nightstalker (live - Digipak bonus track)
14. Hills of death (live - Digipak bonus track)
15. On pain of death (live - Digipak bonus track)


Freddy – Vocals and Guitars
Andi Gern – Guitar
Andi Nagel – Bass
Klaus Enderlin – Drums

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Cover Picture

necronomicon invictus


Music: 7.5
Sound: 8
Total: 7.75 / 10

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