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nsambo suspended
Artist: N_Sambo
Title: Suspended
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 10th November 2011
Label: Electric Fantastic Sound

Album Review

The sophomore album of Italian electronic act N_SAMBO, entitled ‘Suspended’ can really keep listeners in suspense as every next track not only differs from the previous one but also the melody changes almost drastically within one and the same song. The opening piece possesses some kind of magnetism maybe because the track is simple but not monotonous and it’s interesting to find out what sonic effect comes next. The rest of the material fortunately is a match for such an intricate beginning even if the lyrics are a bit too primitive especially in ‘Bar’ or ‘When I’m Alone’. However the words perfectly combine with the music.

‘Film’ could be one of the most beautiful compositions off the album yet the voice which appears there from time to time spoils the whole picture and soon the melody itself starts to irritate. The other interesting tracks are ‘Cutoff’ and ‘I’m in Love’ but actually the trembling vocals almost ruins the atmosphere of the latter and the track can’t be just called good. In general the album produces a contradictory impression: you listen to a song, enjoy it but the melody pulls a stunt so unexpectedly that it’s easy to get lost among all those sounds and effects. However I guess, dedicated fans of such music won’t be disappointed.


01. Suspended – 2:37
02. Bar – 2:22
03. Electric Shock – 5:20
04. Film – 3:01
05. Electro_pop – 3:08
06. Limbo – 2:42
07. When I’m Alone – 4:16
08. Cutoff – 3:12
09. Vertigo – 2:51
10. I’m in Love – 2:42


Nicola Sambo
Dario Gentili
Valerio Fantozzi
Simone Luti
Luciano Tirinnazi
Giacomo Iasilli
Alessandro Quaglierini

Website /

Cover Picture

nsambo suspended


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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