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klogr tillyoudecay
Artist: KLOGR
Title: Till You Decay
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 27th January 2012
Label: Valery Records

Album Review

It is interesting to know which education have the musicians from the band KLOGR, that they are interested in psychophysics. For the base of their band, for the name, they’ve chosen an interesting formula. Weber-Fechner law is about differences of perception. Long story short, the law explains why to notice the difference for example in light it is enough to add one more light bulb to two-bulb chandelier, but having eight-bulbs chandelier we have to add not less than four bulbs, because we won’t notice any difference adding just one or two more light bulbs.

Unfortunately, the stimulus from their music didn’t reach that size to notice any difference between them and other alternative bands. Even if the album ‘Till You Decay’ has high quality and is a good example of modern alternative scene, it is hardly possible to call this work outstanding or unique. Inspired by DEFTONES and NINE INCH NAILS Italo-American band didn't manage it to break the limits of their idols. However, ‘Till You Decay’ deserves the attention of music lovers, first of all of those, who prefer alternative rock and metal. The combination of Italian temperament and American spirit works brilliant. Social burning themes, rough aggressive guitars, technical drums and old school heavy metal vocals make quite positive impression.


01. Live Dying
02. Silk And Thorns
03. White Eyes
04. Bleeding
05. Green Star
06. Self Loathing
07. Naked Mind
08. You Gotta Know
09. Value Of Sin
10. Silted Memories
11. Young Graves


Rusty - Vox & Guitars
Nicola Briganti - Guitars
Todd Allen - Bass
Filippo De Pietri - Drums


Cover Picture

klogr tillyoudecay


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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