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object mof
Artist: Object
Title: Mechanisms Of Faith
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 2nd March 2012
Label: Electro Aggression Records

Album Review

Already early after the release of the last OBJECT album 'The Ethane Asylum', bits of information about a follow-up entitled 'Mechanisms Of Faith' started surfacing and then there was silence. Andreas Malik didn't rush things with the new record and so it wasn't before 2012 before the record would be released as a double disc release.

Taking off with 'Mescaline Crisis' the album offers a collaboration effort with Martin Sane of FIX8:SED8. The manipulated screams are embedded into a garment of seamless melodic veils and crunchy drum patterns. Following 'Neural Explosions' marks Maliks' first vocal appearance on the album where rough beats explode like atomic detonations inside the mind. The vocals rise above the battlefield of buried crimes and grudges to become the tormenting voice of conscience. On the title track words become sounds and the voice disperses to a sequence of distorted frequencies to serve as an instrument amidst layers upon layers. 'Dream Collector' goes without any vocals whereas those aren't necessary to get the track anyways. Dramatic strings ascend to fall into the abyss being smashed to pieces by what once were beats. A ride through the landscape of an abandoned soul in full colour! Oddly enough, 'State Of Reality' almost entirely feels like a dream. It's got some of those spacey atmospheres permeating the whole track. Everything's like a lullaby, a lullaby of the end that draws nearer every day.

A lullaby steeped with 'Blind Obedience' to leaders deserving a firm kick in the ass. Buried under layers of cold steel and noise the soldiers enter the scenery guns blazing. The following minutes reveal a chilling beauty in the form of thick textures. The second collaboration is on with PLF12 on 'Soul Seeking' that at first glimpse does have an atypical sound for an OBJECT track...until halfway through it. For the most part cold industrial vengeance with insidiously hissing vocals and a ray of light trying to escape! 'Morphine Desire' is nothing but a raging current inflicted with noise, representing a soul in agony, desperately screaming for help while a melody hovers above to ease the pain a little. 'For Eternity' is the closest thing to a club track you'll get to hear on the album. Doesn't mean that you can expect easy listening though. You're being guided out of the album by the instrumental 'Each Slow Turn' offering shifting rhythms and a constantly prevalent atmospheric backdrop to enjoy.

The second disc, entitled 'Old-School Conspiracy', holds another album's worth of remixes and a few unreleased demos. Let's start with the 'Robotiko Rejekto Remix' of 'Blood Patch' which turns out as a straightforward, more club-friendly version of the track. Something you cannot say about the rendition BRAIN LEISURE delivered of 'Density Of Fear', but then again, Dominique Debert never was one to just copy and paste another rhythm on a given track. The whole thing appears to be a musical horror film with occasional forays into brighter regions. In case you found the original 'Mescaline Crisis' being too much o f a simple adventure, the 'Sleepwalk burnout mix' goes for a non-linear take on the track, cuts out pieces and puts them back in elsewhere. The two following perspectives on 'Morphine Desire' show sufficiently how different views of artists can be. AMGOD turns it into a 4/4 standard club tune, while ONE EYE WANDERS...well, let's just say were playing around a little and see what comes out.

Last but not least I found a little gem close to the end with the PYRROLINE remix of one of the last albums tracks 'Existence On Trial' that shines with atmospheric grace and a minimalist rhythmic costume. I just can't stop listening. Both the following demos are void of any vocals and just stick to the build itself. 'Static Motion' definitely is the strongest of them and I wonder how the final version would sound. Something that should end up on a possible future album! So we've reached the very end. If you're still reading this I salute you! Now to the album: More than anything 'Mechanisms of Faith' needs time. Compared to this one 'The Ethane Asylum' was a catchy record by OBJECT standards. The layers start to unravel more slowly and melodies don't unfold as quickly either, once they do, it's pure bliss and you'll discover more bits and details by the minute. If you're into sophisticated old-school electronics you should have this album in your collection!


01. Mescaline Crisis (Feat. Fix 8:Sed8) - 4:42
02. Neural Explosions - 6:26
03. _The Mechanisms of Faith - 5:12
04. Dream Collector - 4:01
05. State of Reality - 6:32
06. Blind Obedience - 5:54
07. Under Zero Halo - 5:14
08. Distant Memories - 3:59
09. Soul Seeking (Feat. LPF12) - 4:59
10. Morphine Desire - 5:46
11. For Eternity - 4:53
12. Density of Fear - 5:03
13. Urban Claustrophobia - 3:22
14. Empires in Peril (Album version) - 6:22
15. Each Slow Turn - 4:29

CD2 (Old-School Conspiracy):
01. Blood Patch (Robotiko Rejekto remix) - 4:22
02. Blood Patch Part 2 (Controlled Fusion remix) - 7:38
03. Density Of Fear (Brain Leisure remix) - 7:33
04. Mescaline Crisis (Sleepwalk burnout mix) - 4:36
05. Mescaline Crisis (Acoasm by Second Disease) - 4:52
06. Blood Patch (Alternative instrumental version 2001) - 4:35
07. Morphine Desire (Analgetic tb-mix by amGod) - 5:50
08. Mescaline Crisis (Red+Test remix) - 5:44
09. Morphine Desire ((Reform) by One Eye Wanders) - 5:27
10. Existence On Trial (Abscess(ed) by Abscess) - 5:30
11. Morphine Desire (Jihad remix) - 7:33
12. Existence On Trial (Pyrroline remix) - 5:07
13. Static Motion (unreleased demo) - 4:58
14. End Of Time (unreleased demo) - 6:16


Andreas Malik – All Music & Production


Cover Picture

object mof


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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