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lockerbie olgusjor
Artist: Lockerbie
Title: Ólgusjór
Genre: Indie/ Post-Rock
Release Date: 9th March 2012
Label: Kapitän Platte

Album Review

Post-Rock band LOCKERBIE formed in 2008. Their band moniker brings to mind RAMMSTEIN who took their name from an air show disaster in the town of Ramstein in Germany in August of 1988 (adding one ‘m’ to broaden the meaning), whilst the Icelanders name theirs after the tragedy in Lockerbie (Scotland) as Pan Am Flight 103 crushed there due to a terrorist bomb attack in December of 1988. Though the band claims no connection there (and no disrespect to the victims of the tragedy either), it offered itself anyway.

‘Ólgusjór’ (freely translated as Restless Sea, the literal translation is in debt to Google translate) is their debut album. They say that their lyrics are poetic, but they sing in Icelandic so those who don’t speak or understand the language won’t know. The choice to sing in their own language paid off, if it was in English it’d lose some of it’s more interesting feature and especially the beginning of the album would sound too standard-generic. The ambient elements that come in are another part of the enjoyment. There is certain dreaminess and the songs are quite pleasant. ‘Esja’ & ‘Snjóljón’ are some of the more remarkable songs here. However, many a time it’s too lukewarm and fails to sink hooks into the listener beyond the interest in its quirkiness so it’s not exactly one to keep returning to or to be able to rave about it.


01. Laut (Hollow)
02. Laut II (Hollow II)
03. Reyklykt (The smell of Smoke)
04. Í Draumi (I dream)
05. Gengur Í Garð (Becoming)
06. Kjarr (Scrub)
07. Ólgusjór (Restless sea)
08. Esja
09. Snjóljón (Snow leopards)
10. Sumar (Some)


Davíð Arnar Sigurðsson
Guðmundur Hólm
Rúnar Steinn Rúnarsson
Þórður Páll Pálsson

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Cover Picture

lockerbie olgusjor


Music: 6.5
Sound: 7
Total: 6.75 / 10

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