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organic underyourcarbonconstellation
Artists: Organic
Title: Under Your Carbon Constellation
Genre: Electronic Post Punk / New Wave
Release Date: 28th September 2012
Label: Complete Control Productions

Album Review

Although ORGANIC is a relatively new (formed in 2011) and rather unknown project up to now, its protagonists are anything but dark horses. The two-man band consists of Joris Oster, bass player of YEL and the Belgian electro-rock formation SILVER RIOT, and Raphaël Haubourdin, head of the Darkwave outfit GRACELAND. By creating ORGANIC, both wanted to play out their passion for dark electronic sounds combined with a breathing bass guitar, the sterile structure of machines layered with the amorphous directness of the organic “to upgrade your brain to god”. And the same way this sounds like a drug inspired or alchemical cipher the whole album sounds like a weird trip, a coded biochemical process (discreetly underpinned from the album’s brilliant title).

Beginning with the instrumental ‘Seeds’, which seems to stimulate the acoustic nucleus with dirty and clumsy drums whipping a spinning and rusty bass line across a brittle soundscape of noises and electronic fallout. It feels like a battue through fire and ashes, like reaching the point when the first cell is parting for breaking through the protecting cocoon. It’s hard to determine whether the sound is alive or driven by artificial energy, whether it’s a roaring guitar or just a rigged frequency, an uncertainty, that stays close to you through the bunch of songs. ‘Johnny Craque’ is shaped by gloomy electronic layers and a straight, monotone rhythm, that’s carrying Haubourdin’s vocals like in a static funeral procession, emotionless but maintaining discipline. Again it’s the bass, whose fuzzy edges unwind the structure, like a degenerated life form, torpedoing the cell walls with synthetic sparks and impatient cymbal attacks.

‘Waves are Running’, the albums first single, is a groovy ear catcher with a strange kind of a serenity, that fails only for the moments of the chorus, when drums and vocals join to become a danceable animating outbreak. It’s the beauty of the melody in contrast to the soundtrack of an laboratory, with its hissing and smoking, it’s boiling and vaporizing, that makes the track so fascinating and catchy, like a fragile entity, enchanting and corrosive. I think the album’s greatest feature is its volatility, its changing of phases of matter. It’s impossible to localize a concrete condition. Is it Punk, corroding in an electronic solution, so like ‘Disturbing Street’? Is it New Wave, laying claim to the whole spectre of the stylistic periodic system like ‘Ordinary World’? Synthetic Post-Punk like ‘The day of the locust’? Faked Electronic Body Music like ‘Katharina Distortion’?

It feels like all at the same time and nothing entirely. Like a permanent metamorphosis, blurring chrysalis and imago. You don’t know what you have and you’re groping in the dark referring to what you get. But you’re taking in watching it move and grow, feeling it changing shape and colours. Like a drunkenness, making your senses oscillate between something like synthesized guitars and natural syntheses, between chemical actions and biological reactions. And it drags you down, layer by layer, passing boiling point and freezing mark until you become witness of the karyolysis - unveiling the purest gold or the blackest carbon, a result you can’t cry...


01. Seeds
02. Johnny Craque
03. Waves Are Running
04. Sequence Of My Projector
05. Disturbing Street
06. Ordinary World
07. The Day Of The Locust
08. Katharina Distortion
09. Colossal Baroque
10. The Meat We Kill
11. U F O
12. Waiting


Joris Oster – Bass
Raphaël Haubourdin – Vocals, Sequences, Programming


Cover Picture

organic underyourcarbonconstellation


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10


+1 #4 Part 2012-12-04 22:00
Awesome album, Single wave are runing is fantastic, real coldwave.
+1 #3 dani 2012-11-30 20:31
Sadly not so far.
0 #2 Nina 2012-11-30 19:49
anyone know if they are in tour ?
0 #1 Nina 2012-11-30 19:49
This band is pretty good !
anyone know if they are in tour ?
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