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Band Name: Lye
Album: Companion
Genre: industrial/punk-rock/metal
Release date: released digitally only on May 15 2006
Label: None


Lye is poison that was used on the field in mostly the USA. It kills all insects. It became illegal quite some time ago already because it was way to poisonous, it made people sick. This Canadian band probably doesn’t want to make people sick, but wanted an oooh-im-very-different-from-you kind of band name. They succeeded. Companion is their debut, released in May, but only digitally. They are currently touring in the US trying to build a name. They also recorded a DVD. On their Myspace the fans are mixing between Marilyn Manson characters and muse lovers. Sure I wanted to listen what they are about.

Band members

Brett Carruthers - vocals
James Toth - guitar
Stephany Seki - bass
Mudseed - drums



01. Tell me – 3.43
Tell me is de first song of the album, the song is quite intense, like the lyrics. The music is divers and strong. There is a strong industrial background, filled with guitars and a screaming Brett in the front.

02. Antipathy – 4.54
The first song ends with some weird horror noises, which are also the start of this song, this starts slower, and it had more melody to it, and had more emotion. The music is a bit simple and the lyrics remind me of Muse.

03. Sucking the dick of a rich man – 4.20
Again with an electronically end to Antipathy we hop right into number 3. Brett shows his cleaner vocals here, and they have almost completely taken away the industrial influences I heard the beginning. The more the song progressed the more stressing an frustrating it becomes.

04. Companion – 3.52
The title song of Lye’s album is about missing, frustrating and friends. I think the diversity from the other songs missed, it’s a song to scream along to when you’re mad.

05. Kiss me – 3.07
In industrial beat makes this song a more up-tempo and gives the song the atmosphere it need. It’s a good song, with a strong emotion, and very danceable.

06. Teeth – 3.39
This reminds me of Muse, origin of symmetry CD. Its aggression is set out in pretty music with is tight, upbeat and makes me want to wear weird make up, and dance along!

07. Oh no – 3.09
Oh no, is getting annoying quickly because they keep repeating the same words. Besides this its missing this bit extra the other tracks have. Shame… in the end this all comes together. It’s a real compact song. Its just misses its melody

08. Threnody – 4.00
Trenody seems to be the ballad of the album. With an acoustic guitar and clear vocals, this sounds nice, after a while the rest of the instruments join in, but remain a slower and sad. Like the fight is over. The guitars solo near the end makes me want to move to it, and the sining almost brings tears to my eyes.

09. Left or right – 3.44
Cute song, looks like Kiss me and Tell me. Good to hear Brett can swap from clean vocals to screaming from the top of his longs. Id like to see him do that live.

10. Cut out heart – 4.25
With a hidden temptation behing it the songs itself seems to be able to keep al the forshown anger and sadness behind a curtain. It’s a better background song, but to finish this album, its very good.


1. Electronically noises in the background with what seems to be dolphins of somesort.

2. Electronically version of Left and right – 3.44
Like Left and right but with mixed with a Statik Sky vibe. Shame, because the song was nice the way it was.

Techinal Information

Songs: 10
Extras: Booklet with lyrics, 2 extra tracks
Total playing time: 46.14



Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: 6
Total: 8


I wanted to conclude this. The CD sounds great. Its their debut, and i think this is a band we should keep an eye open for. Because their CD is very divers it will appeal to al lot of people. a big plus for me is the booklet with the lyrics in it. Sometimes Brett isnt easy to understand, and you do want to know what the song is about! wacht out for this band!

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