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kadavar berlin
Artist: Kadavar
Title: Berlin
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release Date: 21st August 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

KADAVAR are a rock band from Berlin, Germany. This stoner outfit shows attributes of psychedelic and stoner rock in their music. KADAVAR are considered retro rock due to their sound being described as similar to bands of the 70s hard rock/heavy metal era. KADAVAR currently consists of three members. In 2010, guitarist Philip Lippitz and drummer Christoph Bartelt started playing together and becoming a band when Cristoph Lindemann joined as a bassist and lead vocalist. Lindemann, who is known by his stage name "lupus", decided to switch to guitar. This made Lippitz switch to play bass.

In July 2012, the self-titled debut album was released. In July 2013, bassist Philip Lippitz left the band. In the last live performances, he was replaced by Simon Bouteloup, who was officially announced as a new member of the band shortly after. Bouteloup had previously played in the metal band THE OATH before leaving at the end of 2012. ‘Come Back Life’ was produced by drummer Christoph Bartelt. The second album ‘Abra Kadavar’ was released in April 2013. 2015, here I am again, this time reviewing the third strike of KADAVAR called ‘Berlin’. Sound-wise not much has changed, the guitars still are tuned down and sound heavy as ever, everything is a stoner dream come true.

I am not able to highlight a song just yet (just send me a mail later I will answer this particular question then) but I can say one thing I just skipped the song ‘Reich der Träume’ because I like to speak in German but despise this language when sung. For every KADAVAR fan out there:  buy this it will please you


01. Lord Of The Sky - 4:27
02. Last Living Dinosaur - 4:05
03. Thousand Miles Away From Home - 4:53
04. Filthy Illusion - 3:45
05. Pale Blue Eyes - 3:28
06. Stolen Dreams - 3:57
07. The Old Man - 4:05
08. Spanish Wild Rose - 4:30
09. See The World With Your Own Eyes - 4:07
10. Circles In My Mind - 3:47
11. Into The Night - 4:30
12. Reich Der Träume (bonus track) - 6:39


Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann - vocals, guitars
Simon “Dragon” Bouteloup - bass
Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt - drums

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Cover Picture

kadavar berlin


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10


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