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likeastorm awakenthefire
Artist: Like a Storm
Title: Awaken the Fire
Genre: Hard Rock / Didgeridoo Metal
Release Date: 16th March 2015
Label: Century Media

Album Review

It's well-known that American music can be definitely called multicultural. METALLICA was founded by a Dane and a Filipino, while NIRVANA has member from the US at all. So original formations only absorb modern tendencies and influence of the country with a highly developed music industry, but still remain faithful to their roots. LIKE A STORM came from New Zealand and it's also obvious because of the didgeridoo. The band is just another proof that sincerity in combination with persistence and diligence always finds a way. And there's no need to work in a big team; you can make good music together with one or two people as Brooks brothers do. They didn't wait for a mercy of fate or a contract with a record label, just recorded themselves their debut album and went on tour with SHINEDOWN and CREED. Besides they shared the stage with such projects as PUDDLE OF MUDD and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH.

It's hard to say if this co-work influenced somehow the music part of the band's sophomore album entitled ‘Awaken the Fire’ or it was initially meant to be like that. And actually it's not so important because the fact is that the music turned out to be striking, impressive and catchy and one may want to listen to the record again and again. Every song is powerful and deserves an attention, but in whole all the tracks are simply great and there's nothing more to add. The album itself is dynamic, sometimes even aggressive, especially when there comes ‘Love the Way You Hate Me’, but it also includes a couple of ballads. My favourite one is very heartfelt and ethereal ‘Break Free’. The folk instrument intensifies impressions, the vocals seem to be expressive and emotional enough. Everything is a good high quality hard rock, with some progressive and ethnic notes. Thus ‘Awaken the Fire’ is a total must-have and must-hear for all lovers of good music!


01. Chaos – 3:51
02. Love the Way You Hate Me – 4:49
03.Wish You Hell – 3:23
04. Break Free – 6:10
05. Never Surrender – 3:19
06. Become the Enemy – 3:48
07. Southern Skies – 3:48
08. Six Feet Under – 4:16
09. Gangster’s Paradise – 4:27
10. Ordinary – 4:16
11. Nothing Remains (Nihil Reliquum) – 5:59


Chris Brooks – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Didgeridoo, Keys/Programming
Matt Brooks – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keys/Programming
Kent Brooks – Bass, Vocals, Keys/Programming
Zach Wood – Drums

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likeastorm awakenthefire


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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