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lifeofagony aplacewheretheresnomorepain
Artist: Life of Agony
Title: A Place Where There’s No More Pain
Genre: Metal / Hard Rock / Crossover
Release Date: 28th April 2017
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

Twelve years of silence for a band is a serious challenge. More over for a band that shared a stage with METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH, the FOO FIGHTERS and many others, and that sold over a million copies of the debut album. But what does it all mean, if the musicians don't have to say anything anymore? So instead of releasing an album a year, the LIFE OF AGONY took a pause to come back in a dozen of years with an explosive powerful record, which deserves not only respect but also very precise attention.

Musically LIFE OF AGONY is known for their heavy guitar riffs, groove, melody and intensity as well as sensitivity. ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ has grown out from the years of suffering, personal dramas, fears and victories over it, from disappointments, sadness and the strongest decision in everybody's life - decision to be strong and live. The vocalist Mina Caputo is sure, whether it’s your gender, your sexuality, domestic violence, drugs… whatever you’re suffering with, the new LIFE OF AGONY's record won’t leave the listener out. “Every line, there’s something for somebody,” she says. You can read the story of the band and musicians, or you can just listen to their songs. Music and lyrics are pretty clear and accessible.

The opening ‘Meet My Maker’ as well as the following two songs instantly drive the listener into the right mood, which will rule more or less through the whole record. By the ‘Dead Speak Kindly’ the pace and aggression slows down for a while, but the intensity grows. Each song has a personal background, a personal story behind it. That's why the whole record feels as if it was written with blood and tears. ‘A New Low’ brings even more glowing darkness into the general mood of the album. In the middle of the record, as the pace is picking up, the classical sound of LIFE OF AGONY comes in play: ‘World Gone Mad’ together with ‘Bag Of Bones’ recall sound of the debut album ‘River Runs Red’. One of the real highlights of the record is the ‘Walking Catastrophe’. The composition and the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the song are outstanding and easily become an ear-worm. The ‘Song For The Abused’ speaks directly to the band's fans – “an acknowledgment that they all share the common goal of persevering through self-doubt and adversity” – basically the leitmotif of the whole record. There's even a part of LOU REED in this track: the guitarist Joey Z used REED’s fuzz pedal, which was built specially for the legendary musician and he toured with it for years. The final acoustic ballad closing the record, but opens the doors to the most intimate feelings and invites the listener to a private journey to your personal depths.

A modern singer once said, today everybody tries to write a hit, while earlier it was all about an album. So here we go: ‘A Place Where There's No More Pain’. Exactly like this: the album - with a capital letter even in the middle of the sentence. This record is impossible to tear apart, it should be taken as the whole. Because you can't tell about your scars without telling your whole story.



01. Meet My Maker
02. Right This Wrong
03. A Place Where There's No More Pain
04. Dead Speak Kindly
05. A New Low
06. World Gone Mad
07. Bag Of Bones
08.Walking Catastrophe
09. Song For The Abused
10. Little Spots Of You


Mina Caputo – Vocals
Joey Z – Guitar
Alan Robert – Bass
Sal Abruscato – Drums

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Cover Picture

lifeofagony aplacewheretheresnomorepain


Music: 10
Sound: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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