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kimwilde herecomethealiens
Artist: Kim Wilde
Title: Here come the Aliens
Genre: Pop / Wave
Release Date: 16th March 2018
Label: earMusic

Album Review

KIM WILDE’s ‘Here come Aliens’ is her first Album for seven years and it directly starts with ‘1969’ which is more rough than we would expect KIM WILDE even though it is still brilliant Pop. We all know her hits like ‘Kids of America’ or ‘Cambodia’ and the long-player brings that KIM WILDE in a very modern, rocky sound to our ears. ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ is the 2nd Song and it is what I call flawless Pop sound so exactly what the title promises. Next up we start with some guitar sounds in ‘Kandy Krush’ which perfectly fit to Kim’s still great voice. ‘Stereo Shot’ is a Pop song with edges and corners which I really like. Especially in music it great not to sound the always the same. With ‘Yours 'Til The End’ we are back to clear and grounded Pop sound. ‘Solstice’ has more piano in its sonic image and so it is a bit slower and gives us time to dream a bit.

Next track is ‘Addicted To You’ and we can go back to dancing. Its brilliant Pop music made to make us move. Song number eight is ‘Birthday’ and starts with many guitars and goes fast forward but that is how we know KIM WILDE. She is making us party! I love to hear that clear British English. Rough and faster starts ‘Cyber.Nation.War’ and this track comes also with synthesizer elements in it which sounds great. With guitar sounds continues ‘Here come the Aliens’ with ‘A Different Story’ and keeps us dancing. Alternative sounds stay on our side and paired with typical pop sound comes ‘Rock The Paradiso’ and keeps us entertained with no chance to get bored. Last but not least the final track is ‘Rosetta’ which brings us back to the 80’s without any detours. Very dreamy and flawless Pop song.

So this album is no disappointment for every early fan of KIM WILDE nor is for any Pop music lover.


01. 1969
02. Pop Don't Stop
03. Kandy Krush
04. Stereo Shot
05. Yours 'Til The End
06. Solstice
07. Addicted To You
08. Birthday
09. Cyber.Nation.War
10. A Different Story
11. Rock The Paradiso
12. Rosetta (+ Frida Sundemo)


Kim Wilde
Ricky Wilde (Producer)


Cover Picture

kimwilde herecomethealiens


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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