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ostfront adrenalin
Artist: Ost + Front
Title: Adrenalin
Genre: Industrial / Metal / Gothic
Release Date: 16th February 2018
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

If you are looking for music to speed up your heartbeat then definitely OST + FRONT’s new release is a good direction. ‘Adrenalin’ is an exemplary situation when the content reflects the title perfectly: strong, ravishing guitars, overpowering vocals and fast beat will definitely wake you up better than any caffeine shot whatsoever. Shortly speaking – adrenaline outburst is guaranteed. The album consists of seventeen tracks that are consequently kept in a powerful metal stylistics - the fans of RAMMSTEIN mode should be delighted. Profound instrumental part well-seasoned with fast pace electronics and aggressive harsh vocal is what you may call a name card for OST + FRONT - ‘Adrenaline’ is a perfect representation of their spicy, smashing metal style.

Even though one could think the overall album leaves impression of a grand massive flood of powerful sounds their shades vary from tracks to track, adding some shades to the black whole - from a speed metal ones (‘Disco Bukkake’, ‘Adrenalin’), through extremely profound, perfect concert goose-bumps hits (‘Heavy Metal’) or scanting types (‘USA’, ‘Bluthund’, ‘Rosenkavalier’) to a real mosh pit types (‘Blattzeit’, ‘10 Jahre Ost+Front’). I believe, ‘Adrenaline’ is a fantastic beacon showing that 10 years of the band’s artistic activity has been extremely productive and developing since what we are given is, indeed, a well-served dose of moving, energetic, high quality metal that will reach out to your guts and tear them inside out. Moreover, you will love it.


01 Adrenalin
02 Heavy Metal
03 Disco Bukkake
04 U.S.A.
05 Puppenjunge
06 Blattzeit
07 Arm und Reich
08 Böses Mädchen
09 10 Jahre OST+FRONT
10 Edelweiß
11 Hans guck in die Luft
12 Du gehst mir unter die Haut
13 Alte Liebe

01 Ich will alles
02 Bluthund
03 Rosenkavalier
04 Willenskraft


Herrmann Ostfront
Siegfried Helm
Wilhelm Rotlauf
Eva Edelweiß
Otto Schmalzmann
Fritz Knacker

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Cover Picture

ostfront adrenalin


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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