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lesdiscrets predateurs
Artist: Les Discrets
Title: Prédateurs
Genre: Shoegaze / Post Rock
Release Date: 21st April 2017
Label: Prophecy Productions

Album Review

Together with ALCEST, LES DISCRETES are known for their dense and atmospheric Shoegaze sound with elements of Post-Black-Metal. ‘Prédateurs’ is the third complete studio album of Fursy Teyssier’s “Blackgaze” project he runs along with Audrey Halorn, who mainly writes the lyrics. On the latest record, LES DISCRETES have left the dark romantic path of nature a bit and created a concept that is mainly influenced by cinematic and urban aesthetic elements. For the first time, there are songs with titles and lyrics in English next to those in French.

Musically there is a great load of experimenting with new sounds, like in ‘Viree nocturne’. Electronic and Synth elements, such of Film-Noire music, Trip-Hop and Indie are adding a huge new range of colours to the common sound, that is still ambient and dreamy, full of emotion and atmosphere and highly visual. Melancholic and even darker, Post Rock elements are still the foundation of the music that slowed down somehow. Less drifting, some of the new songs all in all are more dragging and rattling, because of electronic influences that are supposed to create an “urban scenario made of steel and concrete”, like Fursy Teyssier, the creator of LES DISCRETES and former live-guitarist for ALCEST, visually describes his compositions.

On ‘Prédateurs’, Shoegaze guitars are no longer the main musical element, but compete with clearly audible bass lines, noise and other kinds of sound. Nevertheless, songs like ‘Rue Octavio Mey’ or ‘Vanishing Beauties’ being dominated by Shoegaze guitars, still have the same mood and structure as earlier songs of the project. Five years after their last album, now, LES DISCRETES, who visually went from dark romantic nature scenery to dark urban areas, have added new musical colours to their distinct sound, not changed it completely. Feeling and atmosphere stayed pretty much the same, while the musical forms of expression have widened. The result is a variety of songs, atmospheric, all different, exiting to listen to and sometimes calming at the same time.


01. Prédateurs
02. Virée Nocturne
03. Les Amis De Minuit
04. Vanishing Beauties
05. Fleur Des Murailles
06. Le Reproche
07. Les Jours D’Or
08. Rue Octavio Mey
09. The Scent Of Spring (Moonraker)
10. Lyon - Paris 7h34


Fursy Teyssier – lead vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards
Audrey Hadorn – vocals


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lesdiscrets predateurs


Music: 10
Sound: 7
Total: 8.5 / 10

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