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mindlesssinner poltergeist
Artist: Mindless Sinner
Title: Poltergeist
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17th January 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country because if it comes to excellent old-school Metal, Sweden produced many favourites of mine. So now I do a write-up for a band that was formed in the golden 80s, ladies and gentlemen: MINDLESS SINNER! Formed in 1981 under the moniker PURPLE HAZE they changed their name to GENOCIDE until 1983 when they first named themselves MINDLESS SINNERS only to lose one letter and release their first full-length, ‘Turn On The Power’, under MINDLESS SINNER. But the journey of names was not over yet because after their debut they shortened the band name to simply MINDLESS under which they released the follow-up record ‘Missing Pieces’... to shorten this a bit, they disbanded in 1989 and were no more.

Fast forward to 2015, new single, new record and the appearance on the Keep It True XVIII festival. It is audible that these guys played together on a few records, EPs and singles and know each other since the 80s. Göransson’s voice is, typically Swedish, a nice surprise. Pleasant in the lower frequencies and kicking ass with the high-notes his voice is a Heavy Metal multi-tool. Axes and bass are in capable hands played in a barnstorming way. Drummer Johansson holds the place together while steering this Heavy Metal ship together with bass man Carlson. Aside from kicking ass like they did not bother to age a fucking day this album does not come up with great surprises but hey, it is 2020 after all and surprises are experienced at rare intervals nowadays. If you liked them in the 80s you will dig them still which means you should buy this right after liking my pages, sharing my posts and include me in your evening prayer...


01. Poltergeist
02. Heavy Metal Mayhem
03. Valkyrie
04. World Of Madness
05. The Road To Nowhere
06. Rewind The Future
07. The Rise And The Fall
08. Hammer Of Thor
09. Altar Of The King
10. Roll The Dice


Tommy Johansson - Drums
Magnus Danneblad - Guitars
Christer Göransson - Vocals
Jerker Edman - Guitars
Christer Carlson - Bass

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mindlesssinner poltergeist


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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