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knightandgallow stormbringerscall
Artist: Knight & Gallow
Title: Stormbringer’s Call
Genre: Epic Metal
Release Date: 29th December 2019
Label: Self-Released

Single Review

Today’s first review is in the name of epic: RoD and I present KNIGHT & GALLOW from Sacramento, California. Just this week I was contacted by Nick Chambers, the birth-giver of this Epic Metal outfit. He message me via Instagram and outright asked if I can do a write-up for the first single ‘Stormbringer’s Call’. Spoiler alert! The Answer was yes. Nick started writing on this project back in January 2018 but it took him until September 2018 to find worthy members to join in his quest.

This single review is just a kind of preliminary talk about the two-song demo including another new song called ‘Men of the West’ coming out later this year over Metalstrom Recordings. KNIGHT & GALLOW will make their live debut on February the 14th as the opening band for ROSS THE BOSS (ex MANOWAR). Of course the lyrics to this Epic Metal tale refer to Elric’s bloodthirsty sword Stormbinger (a fantasy tale by Michael Moorcock and no this time I did not have to google that). I really like the band’s overall sound located between classic US Metal and Speed Metal. Nick has to work a bit on his vocals and the timing but that will come with time, the guys enthusiasm can be felt listening to this single and I cannot await to hear more of KNIGHT & GALLOW these guys have the fire and the talent that much is crystal clear.


01. Stormbringer’s Call


Relying on your herb to keep me alive
They see weakness in me, plot to take my life
For all those challengers I make my stand
With this blade I wield you will die by my hand

For all those souls Taken by me
Stormbringer calls treacherously
For all I love has died away
You will too... Take me away

My will to kill with this sorcery but the blade controls me
It has to feed, you all shall bleed, this burden swarms inside me
The power's much to great, I will end up dead
The Black Sword keeps on killing, till this worlds end

For all those souls Taken by me
Stormbringer calls treacherously
For all I love has died away
You will too... Take me away


Nick Chambers- Vocals
Ryan Younger- Guitars
Carlos Sanchez- Guitars
Ryan Keeley- Drums
Twitch Holman- Bass

Website /

Cover Picture

knightandgallow stormbringerscall


Music: 9
Sound: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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