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lethalsteel runningfromthedawn
Artist: Lethal Steel
Title: Running From The Dawn EP
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 27th March 2020
Label: High Roller Records

Album Review

Once again I have to state that when it comes to Sweden it’s: Sverige om allt! This time I let myself get surprised by LETHAL STEEL from Stockholm. LETHAL STEEL was formed in 2011 and right from the start these guys meant business, 2012 saw the first four song demo (only 50 copies were made). In 2016 the first full-length, ‘Legion Of The Night’, was released and the reactions were more positive than Vocalist Gustafsson had expected. The band also states that the songs structures are more fitting for Viktor’s style of singing (I have not listened to the full-length in-depth so I cannot say much about that). My impression is that these guys had found their definitive sound with the 2016 release and just took that as a chance to further improve a few things.

I for one really dig the vocals because they are a nice contrast to the heavy structures of the songs, everything is mid to up-tempo, straight riffing, bass and drums led by a singer that does not sound like a classic Heavy Metal singer (tough to explain, I will try). Viktor sometimes almost sounds like a musical singer but every time this approach would really suck and fail to push the right triggers, he surprises me with a Phil Lynott-like boldness that turns the wheel. The opener ‘Weekday Refugee’ is a catchy son-of-a-gun you will listen to on repeat, ‘Stay Away’ is a spirited up-tempo rocker that makes you bang your head. LETHAL STEEL seemingly have something of a habit to put a song of their records that is sung in their mother tongue, the song is named ‘Ge Allt’ which translates to “Give All” or “Give Everything” (well, I hope so). All in all this EP is a lot of fun and I hope we get a second full-length record soon.


01. Weekday Refugee
02. Stay Away
03. Ge Allt
04. City Of Sin


Viktor Gustafsson - Vocals
Isak Rosemarin - Lead Guitar
Valentin Papp - Rhythm Guitar
Totte Thyrhaug - Bass
Ekström - Drums

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Cover Picture

lethalsteel runningfromthedawn


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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