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lostlegacy inthenameoffreedom
Artist: Lost Legacy
Title: In The Name Of Freedom
Genre: US Metal
Release Date: 20th March 2020
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

Sometimes it is hard to believe that there are good Metal bands out there that flew under my radar for 20 years, well LOST LEGACY did. But that is a thing from the past! From now on I will know what they are up to. LOST LEGACY are five guys from the Bronx bound on playing Heavy Metal, LOST LEGACY was formed in 1998 (headwords of 1998: The Levinsky affair, reforming of METAL CHURCH, DEATH released ‘The Sound of Perseverance’, Rob Halford came out of the Closet and the Denver Broncos became the first AFC team in14 years to win the Super Bowl).

The press text compares the sound to that of bands like VICIOUS RUMORS and METAL CHURCH but the first impression I had listening to the opener ‘Rise To Glory’ was: “This reminds me of ICED EARTH”. These guys played the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Webster Hall and the Fish Head Cantina and opened for bands like ASHES OF ARES, METAL CHURCH, LYNCH MOB, STRYPER, ATTACKER, DOKKEN and FATES WARNING. Vocalist David Franco (not the actor and brother of James Franco) has a rich and powerful voice and knows how to reach every guy in the hall, Bennett and Pullido provide the full and juicy riffing, Jochen Wittlinger on bass is, together with AJ Spinelli, responsible for keeping the guys in line with the rhythmic base they lay. Great sound over all supported by well written songs. If you never heard of LOST LEGACY now is the time to change that!


01. Rise To Glory
02. My Faith
03. Front Line
04. In The Name Of Freedom
05. Take Me Away
06. Enough Is Enough
07. Will You Remember
08. Rules Of Engagement


Dave Franco – Vocals
Jorge Pulido – Lead guitar, rhythm guitars
Scott Bennett – Lead guitar, rhythm guitars
Jochen Wittlinger – Bass
AJ Spinelli – Drums
Special guests:
Tom Tulotta – Keys, guitar harmony on ‘My Faith’
Rick Chiarello – Piano on ‘Rise To Glory’

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lostlegacy inthenameoffreedom


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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