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orangesector zerstoerer
Artist: Orange Sector
Title: Zerstörer
Genre: EBM
Release Date: 20th March 2020
Label: Infacted Recordings

EP Review

If you want to evaluate and assess the EBM band ORANGE SECTOR, you strictly have to subdivide its history into different creative periods. The first was from their foundation in 1992 to 1998, when Lars left the band, the second officially started in 2005 after their reunion lasting until now. But if you take a deeper look into the band’s line-up and different sound concepts, you easily can divide the second period in two or three pieces, since Lars again left the live line-up and Rene Nowotny, who is a member of AD:keY, replaced him and finally becoming a three-piece. A long story told briefly: ORANGE SECTOR was back with a full-length album ‘Alarm’ in 2019 that was much purer and rougher than the previous output in the second period and that probably reminds you of the early years. Around one year after releasing the album, the band now released the single ‘Zerstörer’, which is a double-single or EP at the second sight and taken from the album. The single was released online on the various streaming and download platforms as well as on strictly limited 10” vinyl records.

The first song is a club mix of the title track. And it is a real club version compared to the original album version. The appellation didn’t promise to much, since this mix sounds much tighter and fuller, not to say more danceable but more straightforward too. The song’s intro alone should be more rousing to the average club visitors, the old school lovers would presumably prefer the album version. The next song ‘Zerstörer (Single Mix)’ could be meant for the latter, that simply is as close to the album version that you won’t recognize any difference. You have to find out for yourself, but don’t forget to enjoy the great music. Now the time has come for ‘Zerstörer (Pandoria Remix)’, the first foreign remix of the title track. It gives you a refreshing variety to the band’s own mixes, although it remains within the narrow limits of what people call EBM nowadays. ‘Zerstörer (Frozen Plasma Remix)’, however, goes one step further and integrates more elements of other genres. With more melody and variations this remix is a real recommendation for all those who are open-minded.

The second part of this record contains of different versions of ‘Wir Sind Mehr’, also taken from the latest album. The ‘Wir Sind Mehr (Single Mix)’ starts and just extents the album mix a little by effects and alternative sounds. So, the album opener comes with a new look in this version, but grossly remains in the original feeling. The next track is ‘Wir Sind Mehr (Muskeltanz Remix)’, a real classic, sweaty and presumably neverending EBM version that continuously screams into your face. It feels like the song runs forever, but it is shorter than the album and single versions. Good that you can repeat it if you are listening to the record at home. The last one is ‘Wir Sind Mehr (Zoon Politicon Remix)’ that gives an interesting perspective on the song. It is more playful, varied and melodic that the band’s versions, but luckily that also means that this remix is much longer, so you can take your time to get into it. To be even more effective, it could have lasted another minute or even two. To be fair, if you release something on vinyl it is a limited time affair.

With ‘Zerstörer’, ORANGE SECTOR delivers an extended single including a few remixes and alternative versions. It can be seen as an advantage and disadvantage at the same time that the release largely remains in one genre. For those of you who prefer the first view, this is a very energetic single that at least can let you sweat a lot. All others should take a look at the remixes of FROZEN PLASMA and ZOON POLITICON. And the disposed fan gets a record that takes you back to the early days of the band, since when ORANGE SECTOR has never lost any power and willingness to provide straight music that always stays true to itself.


01. Zerstörer (Club Mix)
02. Zerstörer (Single Mix)
03. Zerstörer (Pandoria Mix)
04. Zerstörer (Frozen Plasma Remix)
05. Wir Sind Mehr (Single Mix)
06. Wir Sind Mehr (Muskeltanz Remix)
07. Wir Sind Mehr (Zoon Politicon Remix)


Martin Bodewell
Lars Timm Felker
Rene Nowotny


Cover Picture

orangesector zerstoerer


Music: 9
Sound: 9.5
Total: 9.3 / 10

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