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lord fallenangels
Artist: Lord
Title: Fallen Idols
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 1st August 2019
Label: Dominus Records

Album Review

And again it is time for another round of awesome vocals by Lord Tim, this time it is his band LORD. LORD is an Australian Power Metal band that was formed by LT and Tim Yatras after the end of the band DUNGEON. ‘Fallen Idols’ is the band’s 6th full-length studio record. The musical style is rooted in Traditional Heavy Metal but often goes its own crazy way ranging from AOR to Extreme Metal (only in parts thank god) and here and there these guys produce cover versions of 80s Pop hits that present little odd highlights. Yatras, as always, blows you away with his mad skills on drums. LT is at his absolute best giving 175% power and heart as Dowling and Furtner impress on string duty. I for one really love the AOR moments the most because the vocal lines are best and I love a big cheese fest with catchy love ballads.

For me the best tracks are: ‘Counting Down the Hours’, a heart-wrenching, cheesy panty-dropper of a song (girls will dig it), ‘Break the Ice’, OK it is a cover but the interpretation of John Farnham’s 80s hit is super dope and ‘Touch the Fire’, also a cover but also even better than the previous, more of everything. I don’t know too many records of LORD but I highly recommend ‘Fallen Idols’ and cannot await to check out more of this insanely talented bunch. Stay Safe, good night!


01. United (Welcome Back)
02. Immortal
03. Fallen Idols
04. Wilder than the Wind
05. Nod to the Old School
06. Chaos Raining
07. Counting Down the Hours
08. In Dreams
09. The Edge of the World
10. Kill or be Killed
11. Master of Darkness
12. Break the ice (John Farnham Cover)
13. Touch the Fire (Icehouse Cover)


Lord Tim – Vocals, Guitars
Mark Furtner – Guitars
Andy Dowling – Bass
Tim Yatras – Bass

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Cover Picture

lord fallenangels


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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