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oz forcedcommandments
Artist: OZ
Title: Forced Commandments
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 22nd May 2020
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

Good evening dear reader. Tonight, I have the honour and pleasure to present the new record of Finland’s OZ! But for the sake of education and because I am, at times, a lazy fuck checks this press text before I further dig into this: “OZ is best known in the Metal world for its 1983 ‘Fire In The Brain’ album and the classic 1984 ‘Turn The Cross Upside Down’ maxi single. Totally, OZ have made seven albums and one EP and been part of several split albums. OZ’ music has been sold with different record companies around the world during the years. 1991 OZ was taking a break from Metal music stage, but was back in business 2011 with the new album ‘Burning Leather’ released 18th November 2011 worldwide (AFM Records and Spiritual Beast), produced by Nicke Andersson (IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, ex. HELLACOPTERS, ex. ENTOMBED). Old OZ hard core with Ape DeMartini (lead vocals), Jay C. Blade (bass and vocals) and Mark Ruffneck (drums) was back with new guitar players Michel Santunione and John Berg.”

So, OZ were formed in 1977 which means if those dudes would have been an English band they would count as NWoBHM (Close, but no Cigar). The music is pretty Classic Metal of course, catchy melodies and choruses, rad hooks, killer riffs and a vocalist that hits every single one of those sweet high notes. The guitars are played expertly: from high melodic solos to a few moments of shred attacks, the bass clock pulses in the background to thicken the guitar sound and the drummer lacks neither the timing nor the precision to be audible at all times and be more than just an impulse generator. Check out ‘Spiders’. It’s damn catchy and don’t forget to also listen to ‘The Ritual’ and ‘Liar’ the vocals are really on fire on those! If you like Classic Metal like it was invented between 1977 and 1983 and you dig the feeling to enter your favourite bar at some crazy happy hour where everything’s free you should check out OZ’ 8th full-length record ‘Forced Commandments’.


01. Goin’ Down
02. Prison of Time
03. Switchblade Alley
04. Revival
05. The Ritual
06. Spiders
07. Long and Lonely Road
08. Liar
09. Diving into the Darkness
10. Break Out
11. Kingdom of War


Mark Ruffneck – Drums
Peppi Peltola – Bass, Vocals
Juzzy Kangas – Guitars, Vocals
Johnny Cross – Guitars, Vocals
Vince Koivula – Lead Vocals

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Cover Picture

oz forcedcommandments


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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