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myheavymemory clarity
Artist: My Heavy Memory
Title: Clarity
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17th July 2020
Label: Self Released through Pure Steel Promotion

Album Review

California über alles! Today I present you: MY HEAVY MEMORY, this band is so fresh they are not yet in the Metal archives. These guys have been around for quite some years now and this is the time to make it big. Let’s check the label text:

“MY HEAVY MEMORY. Maybe you haven’t heard about this band so far, but their new album ‘Clarity’ will change all of that. Well produced songs with melodic vocals will bring Scandinavian 80s Melodic Metal with some parts of the classic 70s / 80s bands in your mind and that’s the musical direction we have here. Each song shows us the big songwriting ability of the band and their will to reach the top. I am sure you will feel like being in the 80s and the songs transports this feeling perfectly. Some of the established bands would be very happy if they could have this musical standard today. Some parts of RAINBOW, a little bit of more modern DEEP PURPLE, some hints of EUROPE. MY HEAVY MEMORY are fresh, young, surprising... and nevertheless the feeling is still in the 80s. My personal favourite: ‘Council fire’!”

Not too much info about these guys can be found in social media but the press text is right, this is highly melodic, catchy Heavy Rock of American imprint with a few hints of UK and Scandinavian influences. Butt kicking music without frills, uncomplicated and authentic. Nice vocals and riffs from start to finish (what can we want more?). Check them out they are radio material.


01. Truth in Lies
02. Keep Coming Back
03. Bleed The Way
04. Council Fire
05. Clarity
06. This Might Be
07. Made Of Thorns
08. Hanging By A Thread


David Hechim – vocals
Todd Galland – guitars
Rich Haley – bass
Eddie Koeller – guitars
Paul Monteiro – drums

Special guests
Abigail Hechim (on Song 7, 8) – vocals
Eric Johnson, Craig Barrett and Steve Kelley, Cristy Barrett, Luis Bettencourt, Mark Kremer, Victor Raygoza, Tiyo Karenga (on Song 1, 5, 8) – vocals

Website /

Cover Picture

myheavymemory clarity


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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