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motorjesus liveresurrection
Artist: Motorjesus
Title: Live Resurrection
Genre: Heavy Rock
Release Date: 14th February 2020
Label: Drakkar Entertainment

Album Review

Hmmm this is interesting. I’ve not heard of MOTORJESUS before but I must say that this album has put me in the mood to listen to more. They hail from Mönchengladbach in the west German State of North Rhine Westphalia. Originally they went under the moniker THE SHITHEADZ at their inception in the early 1990s but changed the name to MOTORJESUS around 2006. This is over one hour of live music spanning their output from albums ‘Death Rider’, ‘Wheels Of Purgatory’, ‘Dirty Pounding Gasoline’ and ‘Electric Revelation’ until the present and is pretty much full on for the whole hour. One theme that is prominent throughout is cars! Yep they like cars! With titles such as ‘Motor Discipline’, ‘Fuel The Warmachine’ and ‘King of The Dead End Road’ you get the feeling that these guys are never far from cars, or if not near them, working on them or driving them hard! Big fat V8s with throaty growls and attitude! At various points throughout the sound shifts between MEGADETH or METALLICA (‘Reignite’) to THE CULT (‘King Of The Road’) and ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE (‘The Dead Army’). If you like the aforementioned bands plus stuff like TRANSPORT LEAGUE and ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION.

The album is raunchy and full of head-banging Rock hooks and riffs that the body does not find hard to latch onto and I’ll tell you what this album is good for? Car journeys! Nice long car journeys with the windows down and a cabin full of cool air. You don’t need to drink coffee either because this album will achieve all the waking you need without the imbibing of the brown stuff. Seriously, on first listen I had a mug of Columbian on the go and after ten minutes it no longer needed supping. Although I do think that a 2am trip to the airport sans sleep will need a mug of coffee complimenting a MOTORJESUS hit, but that’s another story. To sum up, this is a rocking album. If you want something with energy and a bit of oomph behind it to get you through the day then you can’t go wrong with this. I don’t really have any faults to pick up on, it’s mixed well, it’s punchy with no dead patches through its duration. And I don’t have a favourite track but ‘Tales from the Wrecking Ball’, ‘Motor Discipline’, ‘Destroyer’, ‘Return of the Demons’ and ‘A New War’ stand out!


01. Intro
02. Tales From The Wrecking Ball
03. Motor Discipline
04. King Collider
05. The Dead Army
06. Karate Interlude
07. Fist Of The Dragon
08. Fuel The War Machine
09. Re Ignite
10. King Of The Dead End Road
11. Back In The Action Car
12. Destroyer
13. Damage
14. The Howling
15. Return Of The Demons
16. A New War
17. MotorJesus
18. Dirty Pounding Gasoline


Chris Birx – Vocals
Andreas Peters – Guitars
Oliver Beck – Drums
Roman Jasziak – Bass
Guido Reuss – Guitars


Cover Picture

motorjesus liveresurrection


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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