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thenewdivision hiddenmemories
Artist: The New Division
Title: Hidden Memories
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 27th January 2020
Label: Progress Productions

Album Review

The word “mastermind” always raises an eyebrow when churned out in a press-pack. It certainly sets the bar high, and conjures images of some evil genius Bond-villain stroking a cat and laughing maniacally while plotting the next super-virus, or of the greatest musician / songwriter / producer you’ve had the absolute fortune to share a planet with. Sadly, the words “adequate” and “pleasant enough” rarely accompany the accolade of mastermind, and so we must ask that particular description be dropped here, as the latest album from LA-based project manager John Glenn Kunkell aka THE NEW DIVISION, is merely adequate and pleasant enough.

‘Clear’ is as good an entry-point as any, all skipping percussion and glowing synths, but even by second track ‘Fascination’ there’s a feeling you’ve wandered into a 90s club mixtape. Vague holiday vibes, somewhat generic vocals and a melody that wouldn’t hold true without the help of a few cocktails. It’s not bad, but it’s not particularly good either. ‘Lost Life’ could have sound-tracked Miami Vice back in the day, and on ‘Modus’ things are calmed down significantly - this works better. It’s dreamy despite being cheesy (don’t dwell on the lyrics), but by ‘Broken’ we’ve descended back into the ‘80’s and not the ‘80’s we want to remember. It’s a really horrible mess of outdated cliché and clinically stifling production. And those drums! Oh God, those drums…

‘The Line’ is classic wedding-song material to keep the dancing uncles happy, ‘Needs Are Denied’ is so lightweight it’s buggered-off on helium, and by the trudge of ‘Over’ it’s beginning to feel like the sort of party you were forced to attend at gunpoint. ‘Enough Is Enough’ pretty much sums it up, but just to labour the point ‘Ride’ is presented as an encore. Oh, and there are bonus tracks. If you want them. Clearly there’s nothing here that would challenge anyone beyond the age of about eight, and it really is adequate and pleasant enough if you like your music set to ‘background’. It slightly mystifies me not so much as to why people like to buy this kind of thing, but why people want to create it in the first place. But there you go.


01. Clear
02. Fascination
03. Lost Life
04. Modus
05. Broken
06. The Line
07. Needs Are Denied
08. Over
09. Enough Is Enough
10. Ride

Bonus Tracks
01. Glass jaw
02. Hope
03. Tonight
04. Worth It
05. Bronson
06. What It Feels Like


John Glenn Kunkell

Website /

Cover Picture

thenewdivision hiddenmemories


Music: 4
Sound: 4
Total: 4 / 10

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